Tuesday, 23 November 2010


NBA Players Assn. President Billy Hunter Photo via Newscom

("Why can't we be friends, why can't we be friends")

24. The looming lockout that could face the NBA next summer looks literally like it's a lock. Billy Hunter, the executive director of the NBA players association has given us some Michael Jordan like predictions, stating he's "99 percent sure" a strike will be in session next summer. The negotiations between league owners and the players association over a new collective bargaining agreement is for the moment going nowhere. Hunter is not looking positive, "I think it's highly probable that there will be a lockout and that's what I'm preparing for because I don't see anything else right now." The two parties will meet again in around two months but Hunter has some wise words for his players, "save your money". Roger Mason Jr., is a committee member of the players executive and believes, "Any way that we can make the game better as players, speaking for a lot of the guys, we're all for it. But we don't want to have a deal that's just not fair and that's what we think is being presented to us right now." With both sides not budging, speaking of Michael Jordan, I hope you like baseball. Why can't both these sides get it done? Sound off in our comments section below.

January 18, 2010: Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs in action against the New Orleans Hornets during an NBA game in the New Orleans Arena in New Orleans, LA. Tyler Kaufman/CSM.

48. Speaking of Roger Mason Jr., his former team the San Antonio Spurs seem to be doing just fine. With all the beasts in the East, the best in the west and rising teams like Oklahoma City, San An were written off, but these Spurs are clicking. This weekend Tim Duncan reached a franchise and career milestone in points, (congratulations Timmy) and now the Texan titans have touchdowned their 11th win in a row (apologies for the reference, but with a potential lockout you have to look to other sports). While everyone has been talking about whether LA or Miami's superteams can eclipse the Chicago Bulls 72 win season (their not going to) San Antonio have achieved their best start in franchise history and their longest streak of 'W's' in three years. The record breakers downed the Orlando Magic like a pint of Guiness with a 106-97 yesterday. Tony Parker had 24 points and 10 assists en route to a 12-1 record.

Mar. 23, 2010 - Dallas, TEXAS, UNITED STATES - epa02090228 Los Angeles Clippers player Drew Gooden (L) tries to pass the ball out against Dallas Mavericks player Erick Dampier (R) in the first half of the game at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, USA, 23 March 2010.

82. After the ligament injury to foot soldier Udonis Haslem the struggling Miami Heat are looking to escape the trenches by bulking up their front line. Today the Heat look to escape being a 'Dunkin' Donut's' team by icing Erick Dampier to a one year contract (and I thought they already signed this guy??). Erick, after being waived by Charlotte almost signed a one year deal with Houston but wanted to wait for a contract from a team with championship ink (ouch!). Damp looks to help the Heat through their cold, dry spell. The 35 year old is a dependable veteran and although age isn't on his side, he is one of the last true centres around and more than a solid backup. Plus, hey with all of Miami's frontcourt toughness and tenacity suiting up with Haslem on the bench, they need him. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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