Thursday, 27 January 2011


New York Knicks Amar'e Stoudemire and Danilo Gallinari slap hands after a time out is called in the third quarter against the Boston Celtics in the fourth quarter at Madison Square Garden in New York City on December 15, 2010. The Celtics defeated the Knicks 118-116. UPI/John Angelillo Photo via Newscom

24. D.C. may be the capital but when looking at the best destination in the U.S. it's always been a toss-up between New York and L.A. Even in sports this West-Coast, East-Coast rivalry has hotted up. In basketball sure the Lakers are the better franchise then the Knicks, but the L.A. and N.Y. teams are arguably just as recognisable. Both clubs draw in a lot of money but it seems now that the Knickerbockers have taken over the Lakers as the NBA's most valuable franchise. New York went from $586 million to $655 million with a 12% rise in value. What a difference a few STAT's make. Ticket sales and sponsorships have risen as the Knicks have. The Lakers where no slouches either still going up 6 percent from $607 million to $643 million. Things may not be getting any less brighter in California but they sure are getting a lot fresher in the Big Apple. More then half of the NBA had a rotten year however. 17 of the associations 30 teams recorded a loss.

48. They'd love to have kept him, but when you have to find time at the point for both Jameer Nelson and Gilbert Arenas that's more than enough talent. The Orlando Magic waived backup guard Jason Williams, letting go of the white chocolate and trimming their roster. As the Magic left Orlando to play the Pacers in Indiana, J-Will didn't make the trip and now he is hitting the road in a different way. The guy who was a free-agent and re-signed by Orlando in the offseason averaged 2.1 points and 1.5 assists while being fourth in the rotation. Expect this talent to be spun more for the next team that picks him up for the next cycle of his career in the NBA. Jason is still one of the better points in the league, this white chocolate is good for you.

82. Even though the big trade didn't go down, Carmelo Anthony is still having his effect on the Detroit Pistons rotation. Talented guard, Rodney Stuckey has picked up an injury after colliding with Carmelo in a Denver/Detroit clash. Stuckey bruised his right shoulder and X-rays revealed more negativity for the D's favourite young talent. After being hit by Anthony's screen, Rodney rolled to the floor. It is unsure when Stuckey will return and be stuck back in the line-up. One things for sure the Pistons need him and are stuck without him.

O.T. Trey Johnson is getting the call up from the D-League to the Toronto Raptors for a 10 day contract, but in doing this he takes Reece Gaines place, who has now been released by the Raps...the big Miami/New York rivalry is back on this week in M.S.G. and things will look easier for Amare Stoudemire as Chris Bosh will stay chilling in South Beach with an injury. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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