Tuesday, 12 April 2011


In the conclusion to our 'East Coast Road Trippin' trilogy, BASKETBALL 24/48/82 finishes up in the U.S. by way of Miami, checking out a crucial, playoff prelude match-ups.

DAY 3: Miami Inked


The Miami Heat hadn't beaten the Boston Celtics this season and in this prelude to a potential playoff-prime matchup it looked like they wouldn't again due to a cold start to the first quarter. Still thanks to three quarters, some dimes and bucks from LeBron James, some super Mario Chalmers three point money balls and a beefed up, pound for pound game from the new slim-line, 'Big Z' Ilgauskas Boston and their recent poor, post-all-star form gave in to Miami's heat. With all sorts of players in both the big-three teams also inconsistent this clash had a classic college element to it just like Boston's previous loss to the Bulls this week on our East Coast road trip.

This was a great game for everyone involved in this sell-out. From Heat legend Alonzo Mourning (who was honoured at half-time for his community work, where some of the concession hungry fans should have stayed and payed their respects to a true legend instead) to top rapper Drake, this was the best they ever had all season. Tempers also heated up in Miami as the visiting Boston side had the same technical problems like they did in the dramatic contest with other conference contender Chicago. As Wade, James and Pierce for Boston all picked up 'T's', it was clear that they where all down for their sides to the letter. Still, as the amateur dramatics squared up one too many times-when things got testy-it was clear these guys needed to grow a set...of fundamentals that is.

So LeBron led the way, adding 27 to the burn, while Wade and Bosh where also warm with 14 and 13 a piece. While for the C's, Pierce had 24, Garnett a Minnesota jersey of 21 and Allen a lucky 13, showing that right into the playoffs both teams big trios are as primed as they are passionate. A concern for Boston however is the form of Rondo (7 points) who had some difficulties at the lay-up line like he did against Chicago. Regardless Miami burnt Boston anyway giving the reigning Eastern Conference champions some notice for the postseason, which is-however-a completely different ball-game. Expect Rondo and everyone else to be on the same page to end this month, headed by the word 'amazing'. It's about to happen. You ready for the playoffs? Expect them to be white hot with this Miami team. Soak it up! TIM DAVID HARVEY.

(N.B. Our 'THROUGH THE WIRE' news section has been out of action for a few weeks but it will return after the postseason. Meanwhile look out for our brand-new 'PLAYOFF PUNCH' feature highlighting all that goes down in the most exciting part of the basketball season. Enjoy and keep it 24/48/82!)

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