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"Oh yeah! I have been waiting for this release for 2 years. This project involved 80+ mini DV Tapes (60 minutes) and took over 14 full days of shooting. Add the editing, and you have a monster project. We are excited the anticipation has been so high and so many major companies are supporting and getting the word out about the HGT Program." Jeremy Russotti


Looking to improve your game? Well Jeremy Russotti and Alan Stein are really on to something. Accept no imitations, expect no limitations. Internationally known and nationally renowned skill coach Russotti and strength coach Stein have come together to collaborate on their 'Hoop Gains training program, launching this September ( A system consisting of 100+ workouts online for players that work on body enhancement and skill training in order to help develop a players optimum skill-level and talent.

Jeremy and Alan's training program can be downloaded on computer, ipad or iphone as the pair have produced one of the best ways to put this basketball application in to practice. Their workout assignments are sent out every month so it's time all the young aspiring basketball students swot up on their homework before they are taken to school. Jeremy Russotti and Alan Stein are putting on more than a clinic, there writing an education. Time to learn more from them.

24/48/82: "Trains for gains, not to maintain", we know and love the
Motto, tell us more.

Jeremy: That is the motto I strive for everyday I step into the gym with my clients. A lot of players maintain what they currently work with during their workouts. I want my clients to always be overloaded, constantly uncomfortable, which will cause increase adaptations within their minds and body. It is great to see a lot of my big clients tweeting or finishing off all their tweets with this motto. It represents 1% CLUB Basketball and the HGT program perfectly!

24/48/82: The 21st of September is one important date for the calendar right?

Jeremy: Yes it is the first day people will be able to sign up for Hoop Gains We will have several emails going out to those that provide their email addresses to the site with free video footage, special clips from clients of ours from 8 years ago when they were in high school and now in the professional ranks. Also will be video messages from Alan Stein as well. We will be doing a global launch but that date is the first date people can purchase this great resource.

24/48/82: What makes your different, new training techniques different to the rest?

Alan: The strength & conditioning portion of Hoop Gains is basketball specific. Basketball players are not Olympic lifters, bodybuilders or football players - so they shouldn't train as such! This program is gearedto meet the specific demands of the game.

Jeremy: I would say the functionality of our drills and how they transfer to the basketball court. Nowadays there are so many trainers doing circus type drills that look cool, however, for the serious player there is zero relevance to their court improvement. Also, we are constantly overloading our players with V-Bands (Wrist Weights) and O-Bands in order get those gains and reinforce our body movements were trying to create

24/48/82: Can you take us through an overview of the 'Hoops Based Training' and the body enhancement and skill technique features please?

Jeremy: Through the HoopGains Training (HGT) Program, Alan and I wanted to cut through all of the BS we see online and train players to really reach their playing potential. So we boiled everything down and are giving players exactly what they need to improve their games: personal coaching and proven training systems.

Here's a quick breakdown of the HGT Program:
- Basktball skill training program focusing on dibble attack progressions, multi-dimensional scoring moves, and developing an advanced basketball IQ
- Basketball-specific strength & conditioning program to improve your strength, vertical, explosiveness, agility, and conditioning quickly
- Limited spots in the program to give our players the attention they need to be successful.
- All resources are online and available 24/7.
- Progressive and detailed basketball skill and strength workouts for the entire year.
- Private training website for members.
- Private email to Jeremy and Alan with guaranteed responses within 24 hours.
- Results guaranteed: you do the program and improve your skills and athleticism or the program is free.

24/48/82: What are your courses core principles?

Alan: Hoop Gains is a focused, intense, progressive, and purposeful training program. Every drill and every exercise is designed to improve performance on the court.

Jeremy: The core principles of the program are pretty straight-forward: personal coaching and proven training systems. We're all about K.I.S.S. - keep it simple systems. We're only going to give you what you need to take your game to the highest level possible, and cut out everything else that usually just ends up confusing players. Everything that we do with our personal clients, many of whom have gone on to be All League, All State, High School All-Americans, D-1 scholarship players, D-1 All-Americans, International Pros, and some NBA and WNBA players, we'll be doing with members of the HGT program.

24/48/82: Can you tell us the advantages of technology and ipads and iphones? Steve Job's may want to come out of retirement and collaborate.

Alan: Technology is a platform for us to share safe, efficient, and productive training with players and coaches all over the world! It allows us to be a resource to folks we my never have a chance to meet in person. Technology is the great equalizer for players and coaches looking for an advantage.

24/48/82: Can you please tell us more about the '1% Club' and the 'Green Room Training' programs?

Jeremy: 1% CLUB was started in 2003 basically as a joke. I was a varsity coach and 2 of my players and I spent countless hours in the gym. We thought we were the best in the world and felt we trained at that top 1% level. Of course looking back, we were doing some crazy stuff, but we just worked harder than anyone else and created a little group. It wasn't until both players became state players of the year did I realize that I could actually make it into a business. The company has evolved from training, to services, DVDs, inventions, TV, traveling, speaking engagements, and of course online commerce. I am very blessed! As for Green Room Training, that is my baby and my ultimate dream job! It started with one client and in just a few years we are excited to have such an amazing group of PRO athletes and future PRO athletes training all summer. It is an all-inclusive program, where guys live on campus, have their own personal chef, massage therapists, and skill and body enhancement specialists. Were hoping in the near future to also have a session in the summer for high school players. The sky is the limit for the GRT program and excited to see how it grows each year.

24/48/82: How satisfying is it to have invented the J-Glove shooting aid and how important are V-Bands and O-Bands rubber band training in both skill and physical training?

Jeremy: The J-Glove has been a major part of my life. It started as a vision, a training tool I used for clinics, to one of the top basketball products in the world. It is a huge part of my family and has completely changed the way I think. I am a true inventor now, and constantly ponder all day about new ideas. I have so many new products coming out in the next 2-3 years that I cannot wait to see if they are as successful as the J-Glove or not. As for V-Bands and O-Bands they are the foundation to my Hybrid Relevance Training. I came up with the concept of using wrist weights 9 years ago with my players and people thought I was nuts. However, the key to ball skills is hand speed. If you can increase hand speed, it makes dribbling the basketball or controlling the ball so much easier. Fancy dribbling drills cannot replicate the gains from V-Bands. Coming October 7th, 2011, I have took the wrist weight idea and made it to a product that doesn't impede the wrist area and are functional for all sports. Amazing product. As for O-Bands, they increase the intensity and overload 10x more than regular. Anybody that uses them once knows how difficult it is to keep an hour workout involving both V-Bands and O-Bands. Those products are whom 1% CLUB and the HGT program is. Functional, intense, and results.

24/48/82: Both your international experience and longevity is incredible how much can this help young, up and coming ballers?

Jeremy: Proof is in the pudding forth both Alan and I. People love our DVDs, love our products, and migrate to our training. It is fresh, functional, unique, and fun. You cannot fake this with clever marketing. You either have it or you don't.

24/48/82: Can you please share with us some success stories from previous programs and what you expect from this one?

Jeremy: Alan and I are putting this program out because of the recent influx of other online programs that do not come through with what they are saying. They are using ridiculous guarantees of "how to dribble like Chris Paul", or "how to become the next Kobe Bryant", "how to increase your vertical jump by 12" in 12-weeks". These are just Ivy League marketing genius that have clever ideas to make you sign up but then it comes up short. It is just terrible and Alan and I felt we had to quit responding to people about these programs and do something about it.

24/48/82: What do you teach your players in order for them to have a high basketball I.Q.?

Everything we teach is broken down scientifically and "why" they are doing these movements. We have found that our clients have truly never broken down why they do what they do and really studied their craft. This engages their mind and opens them up to learning. Once you get a client to trust your teaching then you can start hitting them with situationals, or x's and o's of the game.

24/48/82: How do you utilise their skills into competent offensive and defensive moves?

Jeremy: We have a certain teaching style that is based on simplicity, physicality, and precise linear and lateral movements. Also, I have a series of triple threat techniques that we use for separation. Also have a series of teaching concepts we use for dribble attack or freeze situations as well. Its all about creating separation for your shot. If we can dominate a defender and create separation, you have a shot at playing at a high level. If you cannot dominate a defender 85% of the time, your basketball career will end after high school. It is hard to put this into writing with showing you or watching our DVDs, but this is the one area I get hired for the most. How to become a scorer and separate from a defender. It is a chess game and can be developed.

24/48/82: How do your techniques increase strength and reduce injury?

Alan: A well designed strength program will reduce the occurrence and/or severity of injury by making the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints stronger and more durable. This program specifically addresses the feet/ankles, knees, hips, and core - common injury prone areas for basketball players of all ages and levels.

24/48/82: How important is it-especially in shooting-that young athletes are better basketball players instead of better 'weight lifters'?

Alan: A properly designed strength program is the foundation of a player's total development program. My increasing strength and power a player will be able to perform their skills at a higher level, perform them with more efficiency, and perform them for longer before fatigue sets in. This is particularly true for shooting!

24/48/82: 'The best players are in the best shape', can you share with our readers and young players just how crucial is please?

Alan: It is impossible to perform your basketball skills to our maximum ability if you are fatigued. When your body becomes fatigued, your mind is soon to follow!

24/48/82: What do you expect you and others will get from this program?

Jeremy: I think people will find this to be the #1 training resource for players, coaches, parents, teams, etc. There is so much information that you will have training ideas and drills for years. Mixed with our DVD teachings, instructional aids, I cannot honestly say there is anything out there like it in the world. Also, Alan and I are extremely accessible to our customers at anytime. There will be opportunities in sending us your training footage, interaction, etc. Where else can you find that with "TRUE" Professional skill trainers with REAL clients.

24/48/82: Thank you for your time and all the best of luck with everything. All your doing looks set to be huge. Anything more you would like to share in closing?

Jeremy: Train for gains, not to maintain. Thats all!!

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