Monday, 31 October 2011


'Fresh Out The Box' is a new feature that looks at kicks, clothing, shops and everything accessorizing to Basketball.

Who says the city of London, England knows nothing about the sport of Basketball? Luol Deng, one of the Chicago Bulls and the NBA's best players was raised here, while the city hosts an official NBA game a year (if not two (lockouts pending)). This town has even built an incredible bball stadium for next years 2012 Olympic Games. Still when this Lemon Meringue like arena is torn down by pitch forks and what not after closing ceremony other peach and basket traditions will still stand in London.

One being the House Of Hoops tucked underneath Bond Street's Foot Locker. Lace up your sneaks because this place isn't too far a walk from the big top attraction of London that is Oxford Circus. This place is definitely worth a look and shop for hoop heads. There aren't too many of these exclusive Nike temple, 'House Of Hoops' (Paris, Barcelona and America hold a few) and there aren't too many as good as this. Upstairs in this big Foot Locker is plenty of great things, even some of those NBA jersey's that are cheaper but less authentic than your swingman favourites. Still it's down the escalator where court is held.

For Basketball fans it may as well be a stairway to heaven as this underground, exclusive homage to hoops is a haven for all purists away from the Football and other sports not Basketball dominated U.K. Scene. Decked out in mahogany like a Eric B. & Rakim or Fugees classic this place really is a hardwood classic with all the latest and greatest trainers, T-shirts and other apparel that is current and collectible from Kobe tee's to the new LeBron's.

It's all here and known by the friendly staff that are as polite as they are in the game like EA. This coolly lit place even has some great d├ęcor in the form of murals of the greats from Kobe to M.J. It all just looks so right and everyone's been here. Snoop Dogg, LeBron, Deron, even Ashton Kutcher...excuse me Kyle Korver. Now if it's good enough for them, it's certainly the place to be. In the game and in the house in the name of hoops, Foot Locker's sister store has it on lock. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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