Thursday, 15 March 2012


"Excellence is not a singular act, but a habit. You are what you repeatedly do."- Aristotle

When the Men's UK Kentucky Wildcats basketball team lost only their second game of the season to Vanderbilt recently it didn't expose their weakness, but more it revealed their strengths. Yes this team lost, but a lot of times we have to realise sometimes that great men are just like us...human and these young men who have been doing unbelievable things all year reminded us that they are exactly that, young men doing incredible things.

You don't need a bow and arrow to pinpoint that this group of young men are hungry in these games and with the madness and the Ides of March upon us, you can predict this top seed in the NCAA tournament will not break rank.

The future hopes and dreams of other University teams and their players of cutting the nets down are hanging on by a thread and legendary coach John Calipari and his 'cats are holding the scissors.

Right now its U.K. all day like London, England as this team are hoping to join basketball royalty. Forget Olympic basketball in England's capital or even the NBA Finals this year. Right now this is the ticket. Other towns and cities brass bands may play, but from the noise Kentucky are making they're looking at making the painted faces of opposing fans run and ruin with tears. This is no joke.

Just look at the 81-66 rout of West Kentucky at the KFC Yum Center! That was more than tasty, the colonel will be proud. The wonderful state of Kentucky has something else to be proud of, as these young mean are frying the opposition like chicken. With more served and others coming back for more just how many other teams will have to wait 40 minutes for a large portion of buckets?

These 'Comeback Cats' are doing the unbelievable and unforgettable, proving to be untouchable like Derek Anderson, Tony Delk, Ron Mercer, Antoine Walker or Walter McCarty. Rajon Rondo and John Wall must be proud. Anthony Davis, Terrence Jones and Doron Lamb are the real deal. The big leagues are waiting, but right now it's the NCAA, not the NBA that's the biggest stage.

March Madness is about to get real crazy and it's because of these Wildest 'cats and their insane talent. The Syracuse orangemen have had to settle for second best. The colour is blue right now and the claws are out. You can't scratch a record or growl at this teams pride. The Bluegrass State Showdown was just a beginning. The show goes on.

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