Wednesday, 23 May 2012


I Wouldn't Doubt Kobe Bryant.


“I’m not fading into the shadows, if that’s what you’re asking. I’m not going anywhere…We’re not going anywhere. It’s not one of those things where the Bulls beat the Pistons and the Pistons disappeared forever. I’m not going for that (stuff).” The Black Mamba.

Need we say anymore? Or did he paint the picture clearly enough for you? Easel, canvas, artists brush or mid-range stroke, how do you want it? Everyone may have predicted the L.A. Lakers would lose to the NBA favorite Oklahoma City Thunder but the ones who shed the same lack of confidence on this contending ball-club and their superstar leader can step back into the shadows of their doubt.

I wouldn't bet against Kobe Bryant.

Would you?

They're going to say it. They're going to say he's done. Not what we was, vulnerable, easy to beat. They're going to say he can't get it done. Too old, the venom's gone, the dobermans been made to sit. They're going to compare this to last years sweep and the slow, head-down walk off the Dallas Maverick floor, like his walk off the Boston parquet a couple of years and championships earlier. They're going to talk about the injuries, how money his clutch is really worth and his play with his teammates. They're going to put him further down on the list then eighth best player in the league.

They're going to be all wrong.

And proved as such. It's just in Kobe's nature. He's no gold and shrinking violet. This soldier has a purple heart. That competitiveness That killer instinct that no one else in the league has as deadly. Not Oklahoma, not LeBron. Not since Jordan. Kobe's still got so much to prove. He wouldn't have it any other way. To the fans, critics, haters and himself Kobe will always need to do more. That's just the way the curse is when your the greatest. Bean's been here all too many times before though. From the airballs to the catcalls. He knows struggle. He knows survival. He knows no rival...

...Well maybe a few.

Along with Oklahoma Kobe's still got Dallas to avenge. LeBron and Miami to beat and critics and his own demons to exorcise. Kobe won't stop to all negative notions of him are ghost. That's how much spirit he has. How strong, driven and resilient he is. As passionate and enthusiastic as a Rookie of the Year. Consistently in his prime like an MVP, no matter who gets the trophy. This legendary legacy is still lasting. Chapters are yet to be written to his verse in Basketball's Bible. He's still a few points behind Wilt (100 in a game to Kob's 81), still behind Kareem all-time (points recorded) and still behind Michael Jordan's all round game.

He's still beside himself with the desire to will it all away.

Still like The Beatles, to overcome 'The Heatles', the hammer of Thor Thunder (or any of the other supergroups or superteams associated with National Basketball) Kobe won't get by without a little help from his friends. His 42 points alone can't get it done. Thanks to the Buss bredrin some relationships with some family favorites became fractured. Kobe's already lost Lamar Odom and Derek Fisher and it will take some major LeBron like recruitment to get them back...if at all. Needless to say the Lakers need to look to keep young guns happy like Ramon Sessions and Devin Ebanks, as well as defending the spots for their old guards like Matt Barnes and Metta World Peace. Still it's Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum that need to show up in more ways than one next season. The Lakers lost the Chris Paul and Dwight Howard race and if they want to pick up anyone like Deron Williams or improve what they have they need to not point fingers and instead extend a hand.

No matter who stays or leaves like Phil Jackson or Mike Brown Kobe will be still here and still Kobe. Putting his team on his shoulders and proving what burdens wrong. Sure the Lakers window of opportunity may be closing but Kobe's career is far from the drawing of the curtains. Win or lose. The shadows can wait until the end of the Kobe Bryant story sees the light.

“I’m not fading into the shadows, if that’s what you’re asking. I’m not going anywhere." Kobe Bryant.

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