Wednesday, 31 October 2012


The Showtime Must Go On.


Opening night and the scene is set in Hollywood. The script is about to be written for the wrote off Los Angeles Lakers. Following the biggest off-season signings since Gary Payton and Karl Malone, Mitch Kupchak this Summer has given the Lakers their best Centre and Point Guard combo since Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, their most dynamic duo since Shaq and Kobe just like Wilt and West. Last night Dwight Howard and Steve Nash assembled like Marvel superheroes to help Metta World Peace, Pau Gasol and the one and only Kobe Bryant avenge the hammer of Thor Thunder-strike by the hands of Oklahoma last year.

Hollywood couldn't direct it better. The parade is practically set for downtown L.A. but this franchise knows better than to leave balloons hanging in the rafters. Last night the opening act fell flat too with this team being beaten by the team that knocked them off their last championship pedestal the Dallas Mavericks. All good things must come to those who wait though. It's not the end, even though many critics are already writing off the Lakers along with Mike Brown's resignation letter and Kobe's playing career obituary, even if the Lakers went 8-zip in the preseason but not the way they would have liked. Still Rome wasn't built in a day and championship teams in L.A. aren't built in a game. This is the town where stars are made and broken like reality T.V...just look what they did to Lamar. Still this team was built for years, not 15 minutes. The Showtime must go on, but it's going to take time.
This isn't a be careful what you wish for moment but the Lakers did raise their own bar decades before. The storied franchise changed the game and the legacy of the league with Shaq and Kobe, making it necessary for team to have more than one superstar, no matter the ego or polarization. They took it to the extreme with the Hall Of Fame deliverance of The Mailman and The Glove and now that's why you have big threes and talents in Miami. The Lakers have had to ante up again and with all these stars in L.A. they just have to make sure they shine.

It all begins and ends in the NBA's one Kobe Bryant, but even Batman needed Robin and the Lakers Dark Knight has the support ready to help his city rise. The Lake Show may have lost favorites Odom, Fisher, Bynum and 'Ron Artest' but they've still got Pau Gasol and Metta World Peace to go along with a bench mob of underrated talent like Devin Ebanks, Steve Blake, Chris Duhon and Jordan Hill led by the next Laker 'Sixth Man Of The Yer', star Antwan Jamison. Still, the two superstar, difference makers Dwight Howard and Steve Nash will be the deciding factors between champagne championships or crying commiseration in the eyes of these new Lakers.

Los Angeles looks to take flight this year like LAX thanks to their new alley-oop double act. They could even take 'Lob City' off Clipperland and truly avenge the Chris Paul nixing. Beyond the aesthetics however the Lakers have a pleasing mix of all-round play that looks to make them fundamentally sound. You've all heard about Steve Nash's passing and skill-set and how Dwight Howard out-rebounds, blocks and box's out with the best of them. Well now check you're Los Angeles Times because you're going to read about more.

There's more to contend with when it comes to these championship certified additions. Like Nash's underrated shot or Dwight's disregarded passion. This dynamic duo could really help form one of the Lakers best teams ever, matching up to the eighties babies, or the Shaq, Kobe, Fisher, Fox, Horry three-peat squad. That is as long as Steve's legs and Dwight's contract holds up and lasts. They may have lost their debut, but these two see more than one game. Even more than 82. The Laker Phoenix is rising from the ashes and isn't playing Mickey Mouse games anymore. The Los Angeles Lakers haven't had a Point Guard like this since Earvin. They haven't had a smiling, superstar, making this game fun since Magic. The original M.J. Johnson can see this. You know what's going on. It's Showtime now.

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