Monday, 8 April 2013


Spaldings Will Roll.


Watch the throne, LeBron James took it last year and is sitting in it with all the kings men. Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Ray Allen, Shane Battier and the rest of the Miami Heat soldiers battling to keep their NBA crown firmly on their heads and the shores of their South Beach talents for not one, not two, not three, but more years. There may be quests from the West and more beasts in the East, but down south looks to be the home of the spirit of Larry O'Brien for the next decade or dynasty. Whatever you want to call it. In this game of thrones, its LeBron James empire.

Sure rocks may be thrown at the throne, like they where witnessed being hurled into billboards in Cleveland. Still even Cavalier efforts and blowout leads are burnt away by LeBron James like the embers of his number 23, wine and gold jersey. Now the champagne and the shine belongs to the number six of the Heat, as he looks to change the game like Julius, just what the good basketball doctor ordered. The man who put up Oscar Robertson numbers in his rookie game, is looking for Kobe and the other 23, M.J. figures in his veteran years. By the time his jersey is retired he'll be standing on the stilts of Wilt and Kareem giant numbers. 100 proof, this scoring machine and Earvin Johnson like all round playmaker is magic.

Whether playing point, shooting, or running the small forward position with the bulk strength of a power player, this guy could run track. With quarterback, strength and vision his trademark, Thor strong hammer dunks almost look like touchdowns. Sorry Thunder, Oklahoma City may have to wait awhile for a championship. Same for you Carmelo and as for all of Kobe's men...right now they look to clipped to be a contending superstar team. Marvel at this, the NBA's leading avenger has formed Voltron and no Kryptonite could stop this superteam from D.C. to Gotham City.

You'd straight have to take this guys head off to stop this Lord Of The Rings like that guy from THAT T.V. show. We aren't advising you do that though, besides critics have tried and failed. In the glow of the kings shining success (that doesn't sleep just like that preacher said) all the brands they try and force on him just meet hot water. With the chosen one forged on his back, a song of fire in his heart and ice in his veins, this warrior will still fight until his Jay-Z throne of the NBA is taken from him and with an Empire State Of Mind that doesn't look to be happening anytime soon. As the chalk is tossed in the air before the ball even does the same, the tip belongs to the crown of the King. When the chalk goes up, the opponents become dust. You don't even have to wait for the final horn.

So saddle up the horses because it's time for battle. The war of the playoffs are on the horizon and you can bet the finals chapter of the 2012/2013 NBA season will belong to the story of MVP. Nobody looks to touch the robe, especially with an army of talent around him who refuse to ride his coat-tails. Like the would be king Wade or the beast that is Bosh. If that big three wasn't enough then there's Battier defending the throne or Mike Miller's bows and Ray Allen shooting Hawkeye arrows like a ray-gun. All of Spo's men, look slicker then Pat Riley's hair. The king isn't afraid to take off his jewels and get down to battling either, not resting on his laurels. Leading his team into battle and fighting through it all like he was still being treated like a pauper.

Now THAT is the deciding factor to why this man is the king. For every Bruce Springsteen there is an Elvis Presley, and for every Michael Jordan there is a LeBron James. This is the American dream and LeBron is lining it without the televised reality show. This is as real as it gets. The lion is uncaged and enraged but regal, awaiting his royal appointment with the crown jewel. The palace that LeBron rebuilt is a fortress and it's going to take a nation of millions to hold back the former public enemy number one. No feast for crows or dance for dragons here. A storm of swords or the winds of winter against the South Beach Heat could not clash with this kings dream of spring. In the church of the wild and in this castle there doesn't look to be a death of a dynasty anytime soon. Long live the king.

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