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Second City, Second Comeback.


"You kept the fire burning/And you kept hope alive/And when my soul was falling/You helped me to survive/And you led the way/Encouraged me to take that leap of faith". R. Kelly-'Leap Of Faith'.

Chicago M.C. Common knows this game like his own one, that's just how he 'be'. He used to sweep the sweat off the United Center court when Michael Jordan was doing his greatest of all-time thing. He was just that close to the greatest ballers Chi-city has ever birthed or seen ('Open my eyes/yes sir this is what I'm made for/to go hard in the paint like D.Wade or...") like he was the rappers like Kanye West. Still it's going to take more than one day for Lonnie Lynn to make sense out of this. Even with the shout outs for the "nice" man of his city this is the basketball s#$* Mr. Kardashian doesn't like like Kris Humpries. I guess it really is a cruel winter if you live in the city of wind. Legendary Basketball scribe Bethlehem Shoals say's "he can't go out like this". THE Chicago sportswriter Scoop Jackson is probably too hurt and upset too put anything down. Movie hoops fan Jeremy Piven can't believe it...this can't be serendipity. It's getting real cold in Chicago this December with no relief in time for Christmas or the immediate New Year. This writer himself even feels bad for the over hyped articles he published before his return from last years long injury. Did the former SLAM alumni give him the curse? After my 'Chicago Hope' and 'Chicago Code' entries I was going to leave this be...out of disappointment and maybe even respect. Still following his courageous comeback from a torn ACL in his knee that put him out for the entire 2012/2013 season-coming off some MVP and 'Bron throne ascending dominating years-that cruelly led to a tear in the meniscus of his other knee (what a tragic twist of fickle fate), it's only right we carry in for the man that needs everyone's support to go on. It's only right we finish the trilogy as planned...because it's not over yet. Here we give you and the injured Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose the aptly titled 'Chicago Fire'.

Is this the end? Far from it! Sure the medical drama 'Chicago Hope' may not have lasted like our first piece, but this fireman drama still burns bright like the 'Chicago Code'. Derrick will still be at his cities service come next year...or Kobe Bryant sooner. The air of LeBron James sneakers can breathe a sigh of relief for now but soon the greatest pretender to Michael Jordan's statue outside the center of Chicago will lay his foundations against the king and the greatest in this NBA game of thrones once again. Sure, right now Derrick's knees down denial of play feels like when kids toss each others sneakers over telephone wires but let's not phone it in, Derrick will dial it up and rise up again no matter the frequency. This games his calling and we'll be ready to receive even if we can't have his presence on December 25th. The Thibodeau Bulls still have Luol Deng, Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah to lead them to the promised land and when they have D-Rose back from his injury hangover they'll be able to do it in an all-star arc two by two. While raw talent like Tony Snell, Marquis Teague are getting fresher with addition of minutes and exposure, with valuable veterans Mike Dunleavy, Kirk Hinrich, Nazr Mohammed and more. From the concrete of an injury crucified career this Rose will grow, bloom and rise again. Just like the dark knight this superhero will return to the streets of downtown Chicago like the original Gotham City...words to Chi-town singer R. Kelly. The fire rises and will see the city sine bright in the court vision of the star who will give this town it's biggest blockbuster ticket than those two men that believed they could fly and made the city and the 90's there's. Like a pair of Space Jam's Derrick's new tear inducing trainers will still tear down sale stocks again. His Bulls jersey won't be in the bargain basement for long with a reduced price. It'll be number one again...just like him. Don't hold on to your receipt just yet. This is more than just a luxury tax.

This is more than right matter how much this injury hurts. No matter how much it burns like fire, he'll spread his flame again. Remember Derrick Rose is still the future of the franchise, it's not time to pass the buck yet like Milwaukee, even if at least a top Draft Pick may come with all this. Still, its not time for Chicago to throw the towel or games in dishonor of tanking, there's still talent on their side and who knows when Rose will return next to them ready to carry the ball and each other...together like a real team. They'll need to group together like this for the Chicago fire to overcome the voltron of the Miami Heat and arguably the greatest team in the East or even the entire United States of the National Basketball Association in the Paul George, Roy Hibbert and Lance Stephenson 'big-three' led Indiana Pacers who are still waiting on the return of their original all-star Danny Granger for a big-four or a trade bait to give them a bigger frontcourt piece. Michael Jordan returned from retirement twice to run Chicagoland and rule the empire of the NBA so Derrick can certainly bounce back from a double dose chilling list downer. The second city will see a second return built off the ruins of two bum knees. He won't go down on this one like an engagement with injury, this will only end in a matrimony with the gold of Larry O'Brien. This is his vow. This is his dedication. He's proven it in more than just his words or hash tag commercials. He's proved it all night in his play, regardless of social media trends, doubt or turning tides of the seas and storms sent from the Basketball God's. They're just testing one of the greatest. They know he's heaven sent. They know his scripture has more engravings then write offs left. The critical doubt may be sold but the game is to be told. Like the preseason and regular precursor before the injury that saw a return to form across the box-score with little rust. Points, rebounds, assists and more statistics blocked the hate and stole the purists heart that's why it broke them that much. Still they'll learn to love again when their man relearns how to return again and play like he never left.

That's right. That's just how it goes in this sport. From the cat-calls to the claws of the critics all of this is used as motivation. The down-treading of injury is used as fuel by the most competitive players to return and rise above even there former selves to be better than ever. Sure there are some limits physically but psychologically there's no better inspiration to prove everyone and even their own self doubt wrong. There's no greater 'in the corner' Ali like comeback story. For every career ending injury there's a Penny Hardaway and Grant Hill or even a Kobe Bryant and of course a Derrick Rose. I mean this is the youngest ever MVP, the only Chicago Bull to meet Maurice Podoloff since M.J. and he is still only 25. There's more than a decade plus of dominance left even if he takes a few years left he can still come back to rule this game and run this town like the Michael Jordan of rap Jay-Z. This will be the blueprint of his red and white career that isn't ready to see the black like a retirement album or alternative jersey. No matter the thorn this Rose still looks that good. Even in the shadow of Mike's Nike Jumpman silhouette, Scottie Pippen proved he was more than a sidekick. More of a Nightwing than a Robin to Jordan's Batman and Derrick Rose will try and show and prove he's more than just second best. With his own legend and legacy to make he look to rise higher than the Willis Tower with no ceiling, like those all glass, no floor observatories. Can you see? It's scary right? On the train of his career above the city Rose will bloom again and turn it around like the cities grid network of the loop, looking to close his viscous injury circle like looper Joesph Gordon-Levitt.  This round 1, first pick is still the number that is embroided across his back and still represents the city and team that is sewn across his front. Like the word 'Hope' tattooed on him, the dedication inked into his heart, the desire embedded in him or the will ingrained in him like the fire burning inside. With 'Sweet Home Chicago' and it's skyline joining his arm he'll never leave his home like the 'Family First' dedication wrote on his heart. As he looks out for everyone, we will too like the angel in ink across his back watching over him and carrying him through this troubled time. There's a plan for this marked 'God's Child'.

A time that is his. Sure some may not see it as mattering or news until he laces them up again, but Derrick Rose's time is now. His road to recovery that we may only see in a 30 second commercial but he'll witness 24 hours a day until he is able to dust the chalk of LeBron and send his billboard time plummeting like rocks throne in Cleveland. Sure we have Kyrie Irving and a whole bunch of youngsters coming through to prove this is their game, but like Chris Paul or Deron Williams you can't over power the purest points and Derrick is part of this holy trinity if not above it. This is a man that tied all-time scoring leader Kareem Abdul-Jabbar rookie record for playoff in points (36 big ones) while almost taking down another storied piece of the NBA in the defending champion Celtics in his first year. This is a man who turned ankle problems into an All-Star sophomore year and became most valuable and sought after in his third filling up the triple doubles like he was his own big-three. This is the man that's already done so much and has so much left. The match was lit a long time ago and the fire still burns bright through Chicago as he'll represent his city in highlight moments like Vince Vaughn does in Hollywood movies. It's not smoke. Injury can't extinguish this. It just enrages the quiet storm of the calm demeanor-ed but fiercely determined competitor. He's on fire like NBA Jam or his two handers. As the fire spreads those news-rags that wrote off the young Rose will be reduced to ashes in the flames from this kiss from a Rose that will seal the deal like M.J. flying like an eagle. With flame thrower power and a scorching first step back just wait until the injustice of injury is ignited by the illuminating inspiration of where amazing truly happens in the NBA once again in Chicago like 23 was yet to be raised in the rafters. Mike's going to have some more company and championship banners with the new number one however, just you wait and look up to the ceiling and see. Just when you thought it was all over he'll put the world on his back and broad shoulders like S. Carter's 'Kingdom Come'. There's more to write than just player promise eulogies, there's  potential celebratory toasts and speeches to make. There should be more here. There's more to be wrote on the career of Derrick Rose. Words cant quite do it justice. It's not over. It's only just beginning. Like Michael Jordan six-peating as the true 'Lord of the Rings'. One trilogy deserves another for the fellowship. The fire still burns...

To Be Continued...

"I believe in the light that shines and will never die/Oh I believe the fire burns, we stay alive/They will talk about us/Like they talked about the kings before us". John Legend On Common's 'The Believer'.



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