Thursday, 27 March 2014


Up In Arms.

To sleeve or not to sleeve? That is the question. Sure in this league of purists, there's a lot more substance to be talking about over the hash-tag trends of this so-called style. Especially with the basketball glory days of the playoffs coming soon to follow this magnificent madness of March in the NCAA. Still from bandanas and compression sleeves the dress-code of this league has been debated and drawn-out ever since Allen Iverson brought what looked like trousers to the league and made the likes of John Stockton look like they where wearing y-fronts...and don't even get the legaue started on his tattoos. I mean we're talking about uniforms. Through all the silly talk of real trash and a competitive streak that should be saved for the court, the NBA still has become trend setters in this league from the hardwood classics of throwback Mitchell and Ness uniforms to new jerseys like the Brooklyn Nets that give traditional teams more options like the Lakers 'Sunday Whites' or 'Hollywood Nights'. Or how about from 'King James' to 'The Truth' those awesome nickname jerseys in this 'all day I dream about sport', Adidas revolution? From St Patrick Day Green's beyond the Celtics to 'Los' causes or 'Motor City' uniting ones, this is a sport that has a cool, colourful and classic look to go along with those crazy court designs that run through the league all the way to every town and alumni in the college game. Still, like a UCF blacktop, hardwood there will always be a half and half division between parties to this change. Still the addition of more material to this made league has recently given the NBA community of players more hate and hassle since that orange synthetic ball that was tougher than Run-DMC leather and actually cut players hands. Changed back due to furious demand in a far from peachy time to say the least, now years and mistakes later there's something that's affecting players hands and shooting skills even more.

Just call it 'Jerseygate' as these sleeved jerseys that the NBA have introduced are causing more shooting hassle than a bag of Bruce Bowen's, Ron Artest's and Michael Cooper's. Players are making a statement against this apparell fashion. Sure some of them look quite nice and give a strange but cool 1940's look like 'Freedarko' writing legend Bethlehem Shoals of GQ magazine noted. This style war though needs to know that it isn't just Beno Udrih rolling up his sleeves in three-point missing frustration however. Looking good doesn't matter though if your games lame. The only good look with the sleeve is the players number on the side, but because of that their actual real digits are falling like stock figures in the NBA store when it comes to this. Players would obviously look better in dinner suits and shoes but the league already made that a courtside compliance. There's a reason players are calling for a "mass burning" in the only male sport where tank-tops are actually prefered attire. There's a reason these guys have been playing in vests and shorts since before someone decided to hollow out the bottom of the basket because it was causing a constant, retrieval inconvenience. The accessories should be saved for the headbands and cornrows or however a player wants to rock it like Steve Nash noted. I mean Chris Anderson has no problem expressing himself, but in this instance it seems the NBA does. It was an experiment with the Golden State Warriors last year but even Stephen Curry will face some shooting struggles like he was at the three-point, All-Star contest sporting this look. Sure that jingle balls, basket classic commercial was a great look and the Christmas Day jerseys made a nice presence on Christmas Day. Just look how cool LeBron looked rocking the look and the cradle as he crucified the STAPLES centre crowd and Lakers team with some of his most legendary dunks, but you could even see his NFL like frame begging to break out of his strong-armed sleeves with Hulk like anger. Now in his bid for first impressions new NBA commissioner Adam Silver is set to meet the games greatest player to discuss whether they should cut the sleeves like college girls wearing concert tee's.

You can imagine what the answer will be. It'll be stern like the old commish. This is a trend that Bleacher Report have reported at being the most hated thing amongst NBA players alongside Toronto and Blake Griffin. Ok, so just like with Canada's great city and the most devesating dunker the L has seen since the reign of Kemp this may be a little unfair but still the association of players have spoken the sleeves must leave. I mean things are getting a little shirty if you forgive the pun as "wack" as the descriptions of this new 'garb. These poor-shooting shirts are set to be ripped off like the pre-game warm-ups for the hot shooters. They may look alright, but they play like the last guy you pick-up on a playground game...not very favourably. If this is causing this much complaint then it's time to swallow the pill like that nightmare ball and put these peculiar pajamas to sleep. Let's not cause another lockout, let's just lock up these jerseys and send them to the bargain basement and market them off as just a funny experiment or a one off. I mean are these things even selling anymore? They'll be collectors editions for your ebay bidding in a few years but with that idea you can just tell these things are already an antique ready to be buried in the wardrobe like that sweater your gran knitted you four Christmases ago. Remember as much as we appreciate it the gifts we find under the tree on December 25th aren't always what we want. So it's just time to nod and smile politely and say thank-you, like wearing it once for show and then pulling it out of it's Lion, Witch and Wardrobe like abysmal abyss of fashion only when those who brought it you is around for a visit like you should be wearing it every night. Now the guy that approved these NBA emperors new clothes is gone it's time to just pretend like they where something good and sleeve it be. I don't mean to mock but it's just that simple, let them go before it causes more serious problems. This writer personally think the look is quite cool, but when shoulders and shooting stakes are under constriction and clothing it's just not. It's no big issue, just one that needs to be left alone once and for all. Keep it simple like the team name and number, classic vests that have been the tradition and throwback big seller for over a century. I mean you wouldn't put company, sponsership names on these perfect, jerseys like the WNBA and spoil them would you? Would you?! TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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