Monday, 20 June 2016


The King Retakes His Throne...Again.


"I'm home...I'm home"!

There's no place like it.

A huddle a million strong. All their hands in unison reaching towards that one goal. That light of day. To touch that gold that seems as far away as the rising sun. But no fingertip reaches higher than the one pointing the way. The one leading. The one they all ride with. The one that made the promise to his land when he came back. That he would get one for his Ohio home. The town that deserves it. The place that's worked hard for this. The city of Cleveland. You know the classic black and white Nike commerical as epic as the King's promise to his people. Well LeBron James has just done it for his Cavaliers and the city of Cleveland.


And as the hand finally touches the game winning ball that turns from leather to gold it falls away like it does down his face. As LeBron collapses between the huddle to the floor with a million eyes on him as his let even more tears fall. Right onto the centre C of the Cleveland Cavalier mid-court. 23 almost looks like M.J. Can't you see? He's just that legendary. His latest chapter just that storied. As a matter of fact in an association of history full of them-that even this year saw the farewell of number 24 Kobe Bryant from Lakerland and their California neighbours the Golden State Warriors eclipsing Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls regular season wins with 73 W's-this one just may be the sweetest and best...ever!

There's no homecoming like it...not even Spiderman's return to Marvel. In this Civil War LeBron's just become an Avenger. He's Iron Man and Captain America. Batman and Superman. Justice has seen the dawn. Add this one to our 'Superhero Season'. Like a perfect script but no fix. No wonder the Finals MVP beat the league one Steph Curry...unamiously. It may have taken all four quarters of all seven games but they did it. LeBron James did it! Erasing a major 52 year sports title drought in Cleveland and an all-time one when it comes to basketball for the Cavaliers first ever championship. And the first victory in NBA history for a team coming back from an almost, until now impossible 3-1 defecit. The Warriors had the strength in numbers and home court advantage with a three game cushion...but they won't get any sleep tonight with this rest. Cleveland may be finally going home now...but they're going home with the gold they took from the state of California.

The champagne's on the King now. And everybody except the likes of Dray and Klay are celebrating. Part owner Usher takes his place on the team podium. Whereas actor/singer Jamie Foxx can be witnessed posting grams with his arms spread out underneath the 'Bron banner outside Quicken. Even Grammy winning R&B singer Tank is so excited he's posting videos of him whooping and running down his street, hollering players names. Let it pop like those scuba goggles. LeBron went all in. 27 and 11 times two. Not to mention the biggest, brutually dominating dunk of his career and three of the best, B.I.G. blocks you'll ever see against all the Warriors big threes as the King and all his Irving and Love men prevailed. The third player in Game 7 Finals history following purple heart and gold winners Jerry West and James Worthy to record these type of numbers on the box score. A trip doub on the Dubs that's Big Game enough to make King James the new logo of this league. You remember the classic SLAM cover?! No not the throwback one that this weeks drafts number one pick and future franchise star Ben Simmons paid bible of Basketball tribute to. This is even more vintage. Book it! And check the history ones. It's engraved in stone now Larry legend. And you thought it was the small ball revolution?! Well...we saw something else televised. The return of the King. The Lord of the Rings. They've taken the little ones. One doesn't simply stroll into Oakland's Oracle and leave with a ring...

...unless they're the King!

And James is just that and one more thing...a champion with the cap to match.

Sweating champagne. Bleeding pain. And crying joy. All the substance he put into this. All the years. All the fear.

And you thought he was done....that was last year.

This one? He's the one.


Jame returns to the throne, returning home.

Welcome back King!

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