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Out of respect to Lorenzen Wright's family and memory this site will not report on the ongoing investigation into his death or pass any other comment that hasn't already been passed while the investigation is ongoing. This is a sad time and it is better that the official news networks report on this if any at all during this sensitive time for the family. That being said however all respect and thoughts go to the Wright family with the memory of Lorenzen Wright living on and the hope that whoever committed the heinous act of murder is brought to justice swiftly and appropriately.

The weather outside may be nice and the NBA news may be plenty but with no games being played aren't Basketball fans having a case of the old 'Summer Blues'? Well although the season is only just around a distant corner on Tuesday the anticipation can heat up even more. The NBA is revealing their marquee games for the season this week, taking a page out of 'Business LeBron's' book and making us sit through an hour long special before we find out the schedules. So who will play in the opening week? What will the big Christmas day match ups be? A Lakers, Celtics rematch? A Heat, Cavs grudge match? Or will it be the biggest draw; Kobe's boys against LeBron's? Tune into NBA TV this Tuesday to find out.

BEIJING - AUGUST 24: Luis Alberto Scola #4 of Argentina puts a shot up over Linas Kleiza #11 and Simas Jasaitis #10 of Lithuania in the bronze medal game during Day 16 of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games at the Beijing Olympic Basketball Gymnasium on August 24, 2008 in Beijing, China. (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

Luis Scola, one of the hardest working hustle players in the league will not be resting anytime soon, despite getting his money with the Houston Rockets this offseason. Luis is off to Turkey to represent his country Argentina in the FIBA World Championship. This is great news for the Argentine side who will sorely miss Manu Ginobili who will not play. Luis however will join a very talented roster that includes NBA talents like Carlos Delfino and Andres Nocioni. Players who may not be the biggest stars in the NBA but who are more than capable of lighting it up, especially when given that chance on the worlds stage. Looks like we've found a cure for those summer Basketball blues.

July 09, 2010 - Miami, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES - epa02243319 LeBron James (R) joins with Miami Heat Dwayne Wade (C) and Chris Bosh (L) greet fans during NBA basketball team Miami Heat's 'HEAT Summer of 2010 Welcome Event' at the American Airlines arena in Miami, Florida, USA, 09 July 2010. The Miami Heat reached an agreement with LeBron James to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers, and sign with the Miami Heat.

The Heat is on in all kinds of ways in Miami right now. The arrival of LeBron and Bosh (and don't forget the return of Wade) has obviously garnered more than a little interest in South Beach. James jerseys may be burning in Cleveland but in Miami it's the season tickets that are hot, selling out in no time. This however has brought some bad news, a fire sale of season ticket staff. With tickets going so quick there is no need for much more promotion, so the season ticket sales team of 30 have all been fired. It looks like some people in Miami may be more than a little disappointed with 'Bron after all. On one hand LeBron, Bosh and Wade look like a flawless sale team themselves but on the other (especially in times like these) like other free-agent related dealings this summer you can't help but ask, 'where's the love'?

385420 01: Los Angeles Lakers center Shaquille O''Neal, left, speaks as Philadelphia 76ers guard Allen Iverson applauds on NBC's 'Meet the Press' February 11, 2001 in Washington, D. C. The topic was Professional Basketball: Sports and Society and Role Models. (Photo by Alex Wong/Newsmakers)

In other fire sale news, a couple of years ago this would seem ludicrous (and to be honest it still does a little bit now), but Shaquille O'Neal, Allen Iverson and Tracy McGrady are still 'sans' teams this summer. Shaq and A.I. are top ten all-time and T-Mac is definitely floating somewhere in the century list, but again where's the love? T-Mac was linked with Chicago but things have seemed to drift away recently in the Windy City. A.I. made dreams come true when he returned as a Sixer last season but right now that reunion seemed to have lasted longer than Dru Hill's first radio station reunion. Shaq on the other hand is even considering playing for his old rival the San Antonio Spurs, or even the Lakers rivals the Boston Celtics. Whichever team goes with whatever player it's hard to imagine who will end up retiring these guys jerseys and in that respect it would be great to see A.I. back again with the Sixers or dare I say it Shaq with the Lakers (A Kobe, Shaq reunion worked beautifully in the 09 All-Star Game). A crazier thought would be if these guys got together and decided to pull a LeBron James and join the same team (The Clippers would love that). If this happen than the talent vs experience debate could finally have an answer, but would that answer be Iverson?

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