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Karl Malone (L) and Scottie Pippen, members of the Basketball Hall of Fame class of 2010, share a laugh during the enshrinement news conference at the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts August 13, 2010.  REUTERS/Brian Snyder  (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT BASKETBALL)

This weekend brings us the latest inductions into the NBA Hall of Fame. 90's legends Scottie Pippen and Karl Malone will highlight a class that also includes the 1992 ('Dream Team') and 1960 USA Olympic Gold winning teams. The 1992 team featured Michael Jordan, (who'll need two glasses of Champagne as he's toasting Scottie) Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. The 1960 team included Jerry West and Oscar Robinson, who will be enshrined again this weekend. Also honored will be the late Dennis Johnson, the Celtic legend who sadly died in 2007. The rest of the Hall will include successful Laker owner Jerry Buss, NBA legend Gus Johnson and WNBA legend Cynthia Cooper. Well done to all, the Halls been waiting a long time for you guys.

July 07, 2010 - Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES - epa02240640 New Los Angeles Clippers head coach Vinny Del Negro (L) listens as Clippers President Andy Roesser (R) speaks along with General Manager Neil Olshey (C) during a press conference announcing Del Negro's selection as the new coach for the Clippers basketball team in Los Angeles, California, USA, 07 July 2010. Del Negro was the former head coach of the Chicago Bulls.

Former Chicago Bull coach and now Los Angeles Clippers leader Vinny Del Negro has assembled his coaching squad. The assistants Vinny has hired are Dean Demopoulos, Marc Iavaroni and Robert Pack. Also hired was Dave Severns who will direct player development. Dean Demopoulos experience includes 18 years at Temple and time with the Portland Trailblazers and Seattle Supersonics. Marc Iavaroni most recently was employed with the Toronto Raptors, however he is a sort of journeyman coach also logging time with Memphis, Phoenix, Miami and Cleveland. Severns worked with Del Negro in Chicago and also has 13 years experience in player development with Nike.

All these varied experiences will be vital for this young Clipper team as will the presence of Robert Pack, a former 13 year player and New Orleans Hornets assistant. Pack knows how many different teams work as he is also a journeyman of sorts. He most notably played for the Nuggets and 'Pac-Man' was a quick Point who could dunk incredibly for his size. A guy like him could breathe new life into these folding 'Clips and so could Del Negro, one of the best 'young' coaches in the L, who brought a lot to Chicago.

Jun. 03, 2010 - Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES - epa02185881 National Basketball Association (NBA) Commissioner David Stern responds to questions during a press conference before the start of the NBA Finals between the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, USA 03 June 2010. This is the 12th time that the 17 time champion Boston Celtics and the 15 time champion Los Angeles Lakers have met in the 64 year history of the NBA Finals with Boston taking nine of those series.

Commissioner David Stern has been in more labour talks this week. It has been reported that Stern commented that there isn't a 'gap' in the league but a 'gulf'. The meeting included team owners and some star players (can you guess who?), things seemed to go quite well considering. The NBA and the players union (the NBPA) released a joint statement, “The NBA and NBPA held a four-hour bargaining meeting today that included constructive dialogue and a productive exchange of information. While we still have much work to do, it was encouraging how many players and owners participated in the process and all pledged to continue to work together. We all agreed to meet again before training camp.” Let's hope these improved talks press on because nobody wants a lockout and nobody wants thier team to come with a 'San Antonio asterisk' if they win the next Championship.

24 Jul 1996:  Forward Charles Barkley of the Dream Team blows a bubble during the USA v Lithuania basketball game at the Georgia Dome at the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia. Mandatory Credit: Simon Bruty  /Allsport

Even more people are out to get LeBron. King James reputation in the L has taken a hit but he seems to have bounced back as of late. Well now however two of the Leagues best ever Rebounders are going at ''Bron, 'Bron' harder than hip-hop group Clipse did. Charles Barkley has been rounding out his comments on LeBron for some time now and after LeBron' tweet that he's gonna remember everything that has been said about him for this season Sir Charles responded with this pop, "Well, I want him to make sure that he puts my name on that (list)." Charles barks ae based on his thoughts that LeBron's 1 hour special (to announce where he was signing as a free-agent) was a 'punk' move.

Dennis Rodman also has bitten at James. Rodman's comments came as comparisons between 'Bron and Chicago legend Scottie Pippen where brought up during Pippen's induction to the Basketball Hall Of Fame. Dennis believed these comments have no place, "You’ve got to understand, LeBron has no business even being in the same conversation with Scottie. Scottie was the epitome of the (do it all elite player). What do you want me to say? Scottie was great.” Now Barkley and Rodman are well known for their controversy and there comments are fairly tame (by their standards) but can someone please tell me when did the NBA become a reality show? Isn't it time this league was about the game again? We have to wait until October but all this extra gossip isn't needed. The NBA right now should stand for No, B***********, Allowed. If all this LeBron talk carries on fans may be turning off, lockout or no lockout.

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