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December 23, 2008: Delonte West of the Cavs drive around Tracy McGradyduring an NBA Basketball game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Houston Rockets at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, OH..The Cavaliers won their 14th straight home game 99-90..Ernie Aranyosi / CSM Photo via Newscom

Around the NBA it looks like LeBron isn't the only former Cleveland player looking for a better run at the title with the greener pastures of a champiship side. His former teammate Delonte West is looking at a differnt shape of green however, opting to count his beans and lucky charms in New England. The troubled but talented guard has previously played for Boston-but that was a while back now- 2007 to be exact. The last time West played for the C's he was one of their best players and his personality gave comic relief to a dulling franchise. How times have changed. Boston are now chasing rings after the team that Delonte was on was throwing games in order to get a good shot at the lottery. Well that all worked out in the Celtics favour and if he threw any of those 'shot's than Delonte may be one of the most important players in Celtics history. No joke this guy was part of a team that made the Celtics able to land Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett. The Celtics went from the cellar to the rafters in less than a year and now West is back North East his old team owes him one. Delonte gives this incredible team (that just keeps going) even more depth and diversity. He's more than just a solid backup for Rajon Rondo and the colourful personality who rocks all the gear, tattoos and jewelery could do with adding some gold to this wardrobe.

Jul 18, 2010 - Miami, Florida, U.S. - NBA player DARIUS MILES at the Summer Groove hosted by Zo and D. Wade presents Carnival Cruise Lines Summer Groove All-Star Basketball Game.

Another troubled star who previously had a go with the Celtics is looking for his way back in the league. Darius Miles, who was once part of the young, promising LA Clippers team (that featured Lamar Odom and Elton Brand) has been plagued by career threatening injuries but is still fighting to get back into form and back into the L. Once upon a time Miles was being compared to the likes of Boston's Kevin Garnett but over the past few years because of the injury troubles D-Miles has found it hard to even find an injured reserve spot. Ironic? No? He even worked out for Boston awhile back but to no green. Now, however Darius is being looked at by the San Antonio Spurs. A franchise that is ageing, but still very much in the championship hunt, albeit a little outside of the ring. With the addition of guys like Richard Jefferson last season the Spurs have tried to get younger, quicker and more diverse over the years to battle the signs of ageing. At his best and full health Miles can help the Spurs with this and he can be a match up nightmare (or at least match up equal) in this tall and spread out Western Conference. He knows how to play with a guy like Lamar Odom for example, he could definitely guard him and at full strength and speed he could keep up with big and fast forwards like a Dirk Nowitzki or a guy like Kevin Durant, but for how long is a different matter. We wish you all the best Darius, versatile guys like you are what makes the NBA one of the most dyanmic leagues in sports.

Los Angeles Lakers' Derek Fisher celebrates with the Larry O'Brien championship trophy after the Lakers defeated the Boston Celtics in Game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals basketball series in Los Angeles, California June 17, 2010.   REUTERS/Mike Blake (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT BASKETBALL)

If your looking for inspiration you don't have to look much further than Lakers guard Derek Fisher. The five time champion is a hero on and off the court and if you need words of wisdom or inspiration you need to Youtube many of his interviews, press conferences, team talks and/or heroic moments. His clutch shots and plays will live in NBA and Laker history eternally. The strength and courage in his heart will beat on for generations. Just read his autobiography 'Character Driven' to see how much his character could really drive someone. No this isn't a plug, Derek's inspiration doesn't need this and recently it's crossed over. There's crossovers in music and film and believe me sport crosses over too and I'm not just talking about Michael Jordan picking a bat over a ball. Superbowl Champions the New Orleans Saints are using the words of Derek Fisher to inspire them and help in their quest for a Superbowl repeat in the NFl. They couldn't pick someone better Derek Fisher knows how to repeat better than an episode of 'Scrubs' and even with Kobe he's one of the prime reasons LA even saw the finals they won. The Saints are fishing for the right prophet.

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