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Oklahoma City Thunder

Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant takes the ball against the Los Angeles Lakers during Game 4 of their NBA Western Conference playoff series in Oklahoma City, April 24, 2010. REUTERS/Bill Waugh (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT BASKETBALL)

There's a storm coming in Oklahoma. Thanks to some wronged doubts, exceeded expectations and Kevin Durant's the most unwelcome team location/name change has expanded into accepting eyes and has made fans forget about Seattle in Sonic speed. They always had a foundation in the rainy city of Seattle but now in Oklahoma the thunder are bringing an even stronger forecast. Last years top scorer and this years gold winning U.S. leader is expected to win even more American hearts this season leading the charge for his team as they look to run up the Western standings. As this phenomenon looks to take his place next to Kobe and LeBron, the amazing, overshadowed talents of Jeff Green and Russell Westbrook look to take their place next to the light of KD. Last year the Thunder almost showered and shocked the Lakers in the playoffs. This year they may not be a surprise but who knows what they can do. Sorry Seattle but don't look away now, your staring into the eye of a storm.

Portland Trail Blazers

NBA: Kings vs. Trail Blazers OCT 20, 2008..October 20, 2008: C #52 Greg Oden and G #7 Brandon Roy of the Portland Trail Blazers in action vs. the Sacramento Kings at Arco Arena in Sacramento, California. The Portland Trail Blazers beat the Sacramento Kings 112-98...Greg Ashman/CSM Photo via Newscom

These one time 'Jail Blazers' now lock up playoff spots yearly. This one time ink blot really has rehabilitated in this NBA. It's just a shame the same can't be said for Greg Oden's knee as the potential promised post man is yet to deliver and make his mark on the league. Still however, there is more blaze to Portland’s trail than Greg. Brandon Roy is one of the leagues best while LeMarcus Aldrige is the prototype big man of the future. Right now he can play like Duncan and run like a small forward. Let's just hope the rest of Portland’s Trailblazers follow suit because the basketball Gods only knows whose page Rudy Fernandez is on. It's going to take all of Portland’s players to come together in order for them to turn the page and start the next chapter of their story.

Utah Jazz

March 12, 2010 Milwaukee, WI. Bradley Center..Utah Jazz Deron Williams brings the ball up the court, Williams had 11 point and 9 assists tonight against the Bucks..Milwaukee Buck won over the Utah Jazz 95-87. Mike McGinnis/CSM.

The Jazz have been playing the same notes for years now. They've always been close or close about to contention in the West and even when Stock and the Mailman stopped sharing deliveries Utah were able to supplement. Now however Deron Williams (Utah’s top league leading Point Guard) has lost the pick to his roll. Utah however won't be left hung-over with the loss of Carlos Boozer. A move that has been bottling up for years now. With the signing of Al Jefferson to the Utah screens fans can still see good times. Utah still have plenty of weapons with AK47 and plenty of rising stars in the form of Paul Milisap. The problem for Utah however is advancement. For the last few years they've been given the 'you shall not pass' from the Lord of the Rings Lakers. Still this Utah team have only ever been beaten by the eventual champions. If the Jazz can upset the Lakers who knows what sort of music they can make.

Denver Nuggets

Oct 14, 2010; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Denver Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony (15) during the game against the Los Angeles Clippers at the Staples Center. The Nuggets defeated the Clippers 100-95.  Photo via Newscom

The Nuggets simply won't be mining any gold whilst their best worker takes pitches from other teams all whilst not giving a fork about his team. The atmosphere in Denver's getting real cold and thin. Still Carmelo Anthony can redeem himself in Denver's eyes and not become the next LeBron James. This better happen soon though because Denver have a season on the twine and the later that contract line gets signed the more likely 'melo will leave Denver rotten as he takes a bite out the Big Apple. Still there are plenty more Nuggets of hope. Once Kenyon Martin and Nene return Denver will have an army of a strong frontline and it doesn't get much better than Chauncey Billups. New signing Al Harrington is also a good pickup while the Birdman's flying and clawing of opposing teams shots will provide a much needed pain in the neck. BRRRRRR! Now what's going to happen to the boy?

Minnesota Timberwolves

Minnesota Timberwolves head coach Kurt Rambis has a word with Timberwolves forward Michael Beasley during an NBA preseason game against the New York Knicks in Paris on October 6, 2010. The Timberwolves won the contest, part of the annual NBA Europe Live tour, by the score of 106-100.  UPI/David Silpa Photo via Newscom

Al Jefferson was set to be Kevin Garnett's replacement and the forest beyond the trees for Minnesota but with his departure the Timberwolves looked lost in the woods. That was until they showed the Lakers in a preseason game in London that their bite was better than their bark. So Minny may be awhile off the big time but that doesn't mean you should count these hungry 'wolves out. You shouldn't write off Minnesota or their new guy Michael Beasley. Michael may have been doubted by the league and ousted by the new and improved Heat but believe me Bease aint falling down so easily. Sure the stars had his troubles but the all rookie and sophomore is all ball on the floor like a Kobe foul at Staples. When Bease makes it hard for opponents, he is the problem. Also with elevator talent Martell Webster and one of the most underrated points around in Luke Ridnour, Minnesota look as deep as Princes discography. This team have a lot of heart and are led by big man Kevin Love who outweighs his opponents in talent only. Soon Western powerhouses are going to hate being cornered by these Wolves on a cold Minnesota's night. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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