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Cleveland Cavaliers' head coach Byron Scott watches from the sideline during the first half of the Cavaliers game against the Boston Celtics in Cleveland, Ohio October 27, 2010. REUTERS/Aaron Josefczyk (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT BASKETBALL)

It seems for last night at least anything LeBron can't do his old team can do better. After the King and his Miami battalion couldn't Heat up the Celtics, the Cleveland Cavaliers proved they weren't paupers taking the crown off Boston with a 95-87 victory. "This was for the city," star Antawn Jamison said of the East Coast stunner, adding "the Cavs will survive and this is a place where you can still watch good basketball" along with his buckets, Hickson's 21 and Gibson's 16. Boston's 'superfriends' spread the box score well. Rondo had 18, Pierce 13, and Allen had 12 but still even Kevin Garnett's 15 boards couldn't rebound the Celtics from the Cavs clutch play. Last year Cav Shaquille O'Neal put it best for Boston, "We took them a little bit too lightly." Maybe now no one in this league will. Look out for when the Cavs face 'Bron and the Heat, maybe this matchup won't be much of a shocker.

Aerosmith members Steven Tyler (L) and Tom Hamilton sit courtside during the first half of the Boston Celtics game against the Cleveland Cavaliers in Cleveland, Ohio October 27, 2010. REUTERS/Aaron Josefczyk (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT BASKETBALL ENTERTAINMENT)

(SWEET DEVOTION: Others may have dropped off but Aerosmith still rock love for the Cavs)

In other Cleveland news if you go down to the Quicken Loans Arena you just may witness another banner across the way, one without rock chips in it. The old LeBron 'We Are All Witnesses' chalk toss banner is now dust as it has been replaced with a black and white image of the Cleveland skyline. I guess things can be seen more clearly in Cleveland now James is gone. The banner includes the phrase, "Our Home Since 1866. Our Pride Forever." The banner's unveiling has stalled by high winds. Expect the weather to get even colder in Northeast Ohio this fall.

NBA Commissioner David Stern announces a pick during the 2010 NBA Draft in New York, June 24, 2010. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT BASKETBALL)

Speaking of wind, the 2011 NBA Draft is breezing across the Hudson for a change in venue next year. The draft which is usually a Madison Square Garden staple will be punched in at Newark, New Jersey instead. Like tourists thinking their going to fly into JFK for cheaper, Newark instead will be the venue for next years rising stars to take off. So even though Jersey may be losing a franchise to Brooklyn soon they still have something they can take back from New York City. The switch comes because Madison Square Garden is having some overdue renovations. The mecca may be 'The Worlds Most Famous Arena' but it's also has the worlds most run down facilities. Commissioner David Stern also added that even after the work on MSG is complete the draft may still move around in an effort to expand it's reach. Knowing the commish it might even end up in China. As for next year you can catch it at the Prudential Center on June 23 in Jersey.

Jan. 27, 2010 - New York, New York, United States - Basketball legends DIKEMBE MUTOMBO and BOB LANIER team up with Ihoops and Right Guard to announce Right Guard's Total Defense Challenge at the NBA Store NYC 01-27-2010.DIKEMBE MUTOMBO .K64039RM. © Red Carpet Pictures

It seems everyone has their opinion on the impending 'Decision 2' of disgruntled Denver superstar Carmelo Anthony. With everyone lining up with an opinion it's refreshing seeing someone trying to offer the player advice instead. Defensive legend and one time Denver franchise player Dikembe Mutombo is offering Anthony his Nuggets of wisdom. Anthony has entertained offers from the Tri-State area but shot blocking legend Mutombo is wagging the finger. The ambassador relates to Carmelo however. He was a Denver darling before he cruised to the ATL in 1996, (where everything wasn't exactly plain sailing) before he finished the tail end of his career off in more playoff pastures in Philadelphia and Houston. Mutombo went through his own LeBron James decision in Atlanta where it was the Denver fans that were giving him the Hawks eye. The legendary centre is reaching out to the free agent to be.

Oct 14, 2010; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Denver Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony (15) during the game against the Los Angeles Clippers at the Staples Center. The Nuggets defeated the Clippers 100-95.  Photo via Newscom

Deke's putting it like this to 'Melo, "You think the grass is going to be greener on the other side, because you think it's not raining here right now. But by the time you walk to the other side, it might not be green. You might be going to the same dry season you experienced in the other part." Wise words from a wise man, who was always older than his NBA profile age, both figuratively and literally. Mount Mutombo was in the Denver Rockies on Wednesday, catching the opening night Jazz game to support and see his friend Masai Ujiri, who is the Denver Nuggets new GM. Dikembe's most poignant advice to Anthony extend from a cliche he says, "If you're happy, then stay, instead of going somewhere because of the money." Money and Mutombo are talking, time will tell which 'M' will make up 'Melo's mind. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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