Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Feb. 13, 2010 - Dallas, China - (100214) -- DALLAS, Feb. 14,2010 (Xinhua) -- Los Angeles Lakers' Kobe Bryant (L) watches the competitions during NBA All-Star weekend in Dallas Feb. 13, 2010. (Xinhua/Zhang Jun.

24. Kobe Bryant is about to be made in China. Kobe wants to further Eastern and Western relations with a range of philanthropic efforts. "They welcomed me with open arms and have been very positive about wanting to learn the game of basketball," told press. CBS Sportsline reports that Bryant's initiative 'After-School All-Stars' focuses on Mandarin language lessons, Chinese cooking courses and martial arts classes. Now that's one interesting syllabus. Bryant hopes that these initiatives can expand across campuses throughout Los Angeles County. Time for Kobe to take everyone to school.

48. To keep up pace with the rest of the league, Indiana made some changes by firing head coach Jim O'Brien and replacing him with assistant coach Frank Vogel for the interim. With nobodies job looking safe, rumors have been rife about former head coach and team president, Larry Birds departure. Still this Celtic icon is one of those guys that the NBA don't want to do without. So right now, don't think Larry Legend is flying. Pacers owner Herb Simon believes Bird is doing well and could see out the year and maybe spread his wings to next season. "I still have an incredible amount of confidence in Larry and his basketball acumen, his winning tradition," Herb told press, garnishing Larry with compliments, adding, "The way he deals with the basketball side is the way I believe it should be done. I'm very satisfied." Larry once led Indiana to the NBA Finals as a coach, so the fans should trust him. Bird is always team first as he made his opinion clear, "I know if I'm not here, whoever's here, they're sitting in position to turn this thing around." If he moves anywhere, maybe it should be downstairs to the bench.

82. It looks like the ever improving Minnesota Timberwolves isn't the only thing in Minneapolis looking to get better. Their stadium is getting some love two. A $155M rennovation plan for the Target Center is being looked out. Right now the Wolves stadium is as old as the jersey number of legend, Kevin Garnett, will a revamp include his jersey in the rafters. Minny have even more big plans. They look to move the main entrance to the corner of 6th Street and First Avenue, while also putting in two glass atriums over-looking the Target Plaza. The centre also wants to look more desirable and accessible for shows and concerts while also adding a restaurant. After all the people in Minnesota have to eat.

O.T. LeBron may wish the best for Cleveland now, but yesterday he gave them the worst, as his Heat team torched Cleveland for a record low 40 point blow-out. Karma hey? the All-Star weekend approaches us Blake Griffin and Tyreke Evans will be the poster childs facing off in the Rookie challenge...Griffin has also been named the Rook of the month out West alongside John Wall in the East...continuing the monthly honors in the East Tom Thibodeau of Chicago was named coach of the month, while out West the decleration went to New Orleans Hornets' Monty Williams. Guess things really are looking up in Louisiana. I'm sold. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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