Thursday, 10 February 2011


Oct 14, 2010; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Denver Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony (15) during the game against the Los Angeles Clippers at the Staples Center. The Nuggets defeated the Clippers 100-95. Photo via Newscom

24. The Carmelo circus just added another act, a Hollywood act. With New York still in the mix, America's big market on the other coast, Los Angeles have thrown their hat in to the ring, in their pursuit of their third. Rumour has it that the Lakers may try and swap Andrew Bynum for 'Melo, still speculation says they'd rather offer up Ron Artest. The defensive maestro, is out of some of the offensive rotation and somewhat out of favour of sorts. Obviously Kobe's untouchable, but Denver may demand Gasol or Odom, who ideally the Lakers would also not want going anywhere. If the Lakers do swing this deal then they will lose a developing franchise player in Bynum, leaving a whole in the middle, which still however Gasol can fill. Bynum has also had a history of injury problems, while if Carmelo and Kobe could co-exist it would be a duo for the ages. Along with Gasol, L.A would have a big-three that would more then match Miami, especially with what else they have, a great sixth man and defensive presence. Denver's franchise man could become a purple and gold nugget. Still however could the Lakers really net this trade? Or is this just merely hoop dreams?

48. Injuries in sports can be a lot more serious then just who's not playing tonight and Milwaukee Bucks forward Luc Richard Mbah a Moute wants to take this problem to task. When the player was back in college, during his UCLA days a concussion kept him out for 8 days. It wasn't until he completed some neurocognitive tests that he was allowed back on court. Today all he needed to do after a similar injury is tell his teams doctors he's ok. So now Mbah a Moute is taken aback by this and is calling for a concussion protocol in the league. "There should be standards in the NBA. You need to do these tests and pass these tests before you can come back on the court. Bottom line. We definitely don't get as bad concussions as football and other sports, but a concussion is a concussion,'' the forward told press, adding, "It's a serious injury and there should be tests.'' Good for Luc for speaking out, he's going to help a lot of people if they listen.

82. Good times are a' happening in San Antonio and forward Steve Novak is about to join that party. He has signed a 10 day contract this week for the Texas rangers who are showing more true grit this year then Matt Damon and Jeff Bridges. The Spurs picked up Novak from the cattle of the Reno Bighorns from the NBA's development league and what better place to further his talents then with the current best of the association? Steve Novak was a second round pick by the Houston Rockets in 2006 and has also played for the Dallas Mavericks. Experienced with all of the NBA's Texan sides, Steve will hope to click with the Spurs.

O.T. If Carmelo Anthony does leave Denver this season then it may get bad for the Nuggets, still hopefully not as bad for Cleveland after they lost LeBron. The Cavs have now also recorded a franchise high, or low, 25 losses. Still the only way is up, hang in there guys...Brandon Roy says he is ready to return to Portland, even after his recent surgery, on both knees. Guess he really can't be stopped, the guards so hot, he's blazing...Ray Allen is about to take over Reggie Miller as NBA history's highest three-point shooter but he'll also have to keep up pace with hot shooters Paul Pierce and Kevin Durant in this years All-Star, Three-Point contest. Who will be the high scorer then? Sound off in our comments section below. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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