Tuesday, 24 May 2011


As the NBA playoffs come hurtling towards 'The Final Chapter' this years postseason really is a page turner and ratings winner. With Boston and L.A. out and not much between the four teams still in it, amazing really is happening. It's still anybodies ballgame. So let's see how it's all going down in this weeks edition of 'The Playoff Punch'.

...Picking up from where we left off last week Miami had just dropped their first game in the Eastern Finals to Chicago after dethroning the reigning Eastern champs Boston. Game 2 was a different story as Miami won by 10, 85-75 thanks to LeBron's 29 and D-Wade's 24. The Heat took the wind out of the United Arena as they tied up the series in Chicago's city. Then in Game 3 them and the enthusiasm and passion of Chris Bosh seemed too much as the Heat cooled off the Bulls en route to a 96-85 win and a 2-1 series lead. Still with Game 4 tonight and no team looking like their ready to go home it's still a series. the Bulls will look to tie it up tonight away from Illinois, but with home-court advantage the Heat could take a 3-1 lead and put Chi-City on the ropes...

...meanwhile out West the ropes looked tied around Oklahoma as even their best efforts couldn't help the steaming Mavericks from rolling over them. Last night Dallas took a 3 game to 1 lead that Miami are looking for. In this thriller the Thunder rained a 15 point lead on the Mavs, but thanks to our MVP of the playoffs Dirk Nowitzki (40 points and 12 in the fourth quarter) overtime and a loss was forced. 112-105 as the final box-score scribe and if Dallas continue this run of form tomorrow it could be all she wrote for OKC town. In game 1 the Thunder themselves had 112 bu that wasn't enough as Dallas had 121 points to flip the score in their favour. This series has been about Dirk versus Durant but the German gunner has been shooting the best with 48 in Game 1 and 29 in Game 2. Still as he was contained Oklahoma showed that they where at their best when holding their opponents to 100 point or less. Beating Dallas 106-100 in Texas they tied the series going back home. Then with a 93-87 win the Mavericks lassoed the series back in their favour and pulled away in more ways then one as they headed to their Game 4 slugging. Unless the Thunder are playing the rope-a-dope they better roll with the punches because right now Dallas is Ali and they are Foreman about to get knocked out. Tomorrow will tell...

...so who will meet in 'The Final Chapter' (http://basketball244882.blogspot.com/2011/05/final-chapter.html)? Will Dallas overcome the Thunder's storming success and reach the finals exorcising all their demons from 2007, going to the place that the reigning champion Lakers they dethroned where last year? Or will Oklahoma fight back and reign supreme? In the east will Miami take control of the series tonight in their boiler room at American Airlines, helping them be one game away from the (free-agency) promised land that critics said they'd never find? or will the Bulls run down the hometown Heat, making this a series and possibly their first finals since the infamous, basketball legendary Jordan era? Find out more next week for your next hit from 'The Playoff Punch'. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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