Saturday, 14 May 2011


Like father, like son.

By Tim David Harvey

Picture the scene if you will. It's a couple of weeks back and the families all together. Still after dinner in a study illuminated only by television and lamp light Coach Glenn Rivers is busy studying videotape. He plays, pauses, rewinds and plays again as he watches Dwyane Wade pick, roll and pick apart his Boston Celtics team. He rewinds and watches again, making note after note, never stopping, always working. A constant thudding sound however distracts him (and it's not the stress). Doc looks up.

Meanwhile upstairs a young man is lying in bed pounding a Spalding against his bedroom wall that is adorned by two jersey's; one labelled 'Winter Park' the other coloured blue and white. On this kids laptop the same Miami/Boston game plays as this young man laps up the highlights. He studies hard watching the moves, practicing the handles. He sees a movie he likes and rewinds, plays, pauses, rewinds and plays again, leaning forward taking mental notes absorbing like a sponge. Pounding the rock even harder against the wall until a call from downstairs..."Austin, son", Doc calls; "can you come down and help me with something"?

Success, common factors like other traits such as talent, intelligence, hard-work and focus run in families like the other ties that bind. If they are instilled properly they don't skip generations. Right now the second-born son (the older Jeremiah plays hard as a Senior for Indiana) of NBA All-Star and Hall Of Fame ready coach Doc Rivers is coming straight out of high-school to take the prestigious alumni of Duke and college basketball by storm. The pouring stream of one Rivers to another runs rapid as Austin Rivers looks to be the next best thing in basketball, guarding the family name at the combo, making his point years before he'll even guarantee his place in the NBA just like his old man.

Right now Austin Rivers is in the top two of the nations College prospects, while his father Doc is in the top two of NBA coaches around today (if not the first now we say peace to Phil Jackson) and his Boston side on their best day are up there with the top two teams. Both Rivers men have also of late put ink to paper on very important deals. Doc' has signed on to take the reigns and extend the Celtics championship contention for the next five years, while Austin will make his name known in the country from New England to Texas as he has declared he will Duke it out with the Blue Devils this fall as UNC and Kansas can only watch in awe and envy. Looks like times are going to be great in the Rivers household for many moons to come.

It seems that Doc hasn't just coached successful men in Celtic green, he's also taught his son everything he needs to know, not just in life but on the basketball court too. You see Glenn 'Doc' Rivers the player was an underrated All-Star guard who like any great point (and of course coach) controlled his team like a true leader and had a high Basketball I.Q. Learning all these traits from the tutelage of all-round Basketball great and champion Rivers Senior, Rivers junior could be the next superstar in the NBA. Sure that's lofty expectations to put on an 18 year old kid, but Austin has already reached new heights and time flies. Before you know it Austin could be schooling his idols Wade and Brandon Roy, showing and proving he's the next thing like Derrick Rose and hey if we're dreaming he may even get to play under his father one day. Now how sweet an NBA story would that be?

This truly is what the Doc' ordered. The perfect prescription of young talent and old wisdom passed down like old clothes. This NBA suitor likes how this notion fits however as Austin has the ability to stunt even harder then his daddy like Lil' Wayne. This baby faced assassin scores in bunches, however you like or want it. With deadly shooting from long range and the ability to take it to your grill, driving hard and still dishing like a Point. Rivers flows between both guard positions without an off-day. Doc really cooked up a superstar in the making. Glenn Rivers was internationally known in the FIBA Championships as tournament MVP, while he was still at Marquette University. Then in the NBA he soared to double figures with the Hawks and joined the list of great Points in New York. Now we don't know what the basketball future of the Doc's son will be but be patient, this All-American has already won the 'Naismith Prep Player of the Year' award. Austin has the ability to power through the NCAA to the NBA possessing a better skill set then his father did.

Now picture this; many years from now after all he's done as a player and a coach Springfield beckons the Doc like his name was Hibbert. As the legendary player/coach takes his award who better to present it and reciprocate the pride then one of the NBA's best players and most dominant stars? As a 6 foot 4 inch man walks down the carpet to applause and awe, taking to the stage more mature but with a boyish look. The franchise player clears his throat before he leans towards the mic. "Good evening, my names Austin Rivers and we're here tonight to honor my father". TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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