Friday, 15 July 2011


Taking the talent to Minneapolis.


Chris, Dwyane and LeBron better watch out. Yeah, yeah we've heard that all before thrown the way at the South Beach elite. An ensemble that really deserved more respect last season for what the Miami Heat achieved. With that being said however-whenever next season starts-the Heat will have to avoid even more glare. Miami may be one hit away from a dynasty and this still may be Dallas town (thanks to the big three ball that is Dirk Nowitzki) but everyone better watch out, there's a new kid on the block and his names Ricky. Coming to America from Spain by way of Minnesota, Ricky Rubio is ready to give the Timberwolves a real bite behind that bark. Now don't let those baby-face looks fool you, when men grow old like this it's no more fun and games and we're about to all see it played out on court. Mr. Rubio has his own big three ready to take everyone to school. Now let's just see how much class they really have. Allow us to introduce to the following.

Meet Michael Beasley...

...they looked at the tats, dreads and tweets and wrote him off but what they didn't see is the inked desire, the growth and character of a one-time raw player, who breathes a fresh air of crazy, tapped potential and discovered talent. With the heart of a lion and a determination of an Iverson, 'Easy Mo' Bease' has been through the hard times. So he's ready to grind it out over 82 or whatever he needs to do to take his team from the bad books to the success stories. Michael's story is one of redemption too, coming back from troubled times to prove the critics and the doubters wrong.

Coming in a trio of great rookie's in 2009 with Derrick Rose and O.J. Mayo, Beasley was set to be the next big thing. Now Rose has bloomed to league MVP and Mayo's career has been garnished with success. Still that is not to discredit the career of Bease. He's had his downs and now he's on the up and up, fast becoming one of the leagues prime, perimeter players and outstanding, offensive threats. Speaking of big-three's, Beasley was drafted by Miami to be the future with Dwyane Wade, but once Miami saw now with Bosh and LeBron, Mike's Miami career belonged to the past. Still don't think that a man that was that close to franchise success isn't done. He's still young and even more motivated to prove wrong a Heat team that went cold on him. Forming an incredible trio of his own in Minnesota, Bease's passion and drive may be the x-factor of this team. This cool, Marley laid-back cat may have a monkey on his back, but he's not arrogant enough to have a chip on his shoulder. Just be confident that this young mans future could involve 'chips that lie on the shoulders of Larry O'Brien worthy giants.

Meet Kevin Love...


...he's more then just the NBA's 'Most Improved Player', he's one of the leagues best to. Hate it or second-name him, but expect Kevin's name to be around the NBA for more years and April's to come for more then just award season. Love's a supreme talent with an inside knowledge for the game. The post player really is the centre of attention for the Timberwolves and their opponents scouting reports.

Talking about standing on the shoulders of giants, K. Love stands on the stilts of Chamberlain numbers and don't expect those statistics to wilt. With records of 30 points and 30 rebounds Kevin's court vision is incredible and the man critics called fat has nothing but a whole, well-rounded game. Dominating the paint with a canvas of moves, Love finishes and starts Minnesota breaks with strength in heart, and basketball art. Even when he's prepared to do the dirty, ugly work it makes for the perfect, potentially playoff-bound picture. Simple as, the little routine things he does result in complications for opponents and big things for his home-team. Right now Kevin Love is Minny's best player and as he becomes the leagues best things are only going to get bigger and better for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Meet Ricky Rubio...

...let's hope this kids ready for the 'showbiz'. Not only is Ricky the best young guard, stacked with potential that the Minnesota Timberwolves have had since Stephon Marbury. Not only is he the 'Wolves best draft pick and potential franchise star since Kevin Garnett. Not only is he the greatest, most anticipated international import coming into the league since the Chinese revolution of Yao Ming, he's also the most exciting new, young, 'ready to go' player to grace the league since some kid called LeBron. While James has crafted his big-three in South Beach, one has finally birthed Northwest with the development of Rubio. Rube' really is a gem that was worth the wait. This long overdue joint venture with the Timberwolves was put on hold due to some nurturing in Spain, via basketball powerhouse Barcelona. How funny that Rubio was running rings around the Lakers in the 2009/2010 preseason in the same week his Timberwolves team to be where doing it in London (more on that later) and how ironic that after all these years of playing in Europe, the moment Ricky comes to the NBA is the same time his new peers flock in the opposite direction to find work in Europe as the NBA closes it's doors. One things for sure though once the lockout ends the NBA won't be ready for what Rubio's about to open up with.

An all-round player complete with a skill-set that's beyond just the X's and O's. Now at 20, this kid's still dribbling, but handling the ball better then most. With Soccer speed and a knowledge of the game that can keep up with his athleticism, this guys going to make everyone from Steve Nash to Magic proud. Get the point yet? Now Minnesota have their guard, everyone else will have to protect their house. This young Timberwolve looks to own courts in America like he did hype around the basketball world, living up to his justification. With the slick Ricky running the show in Minnesota, these Timberwolves won't be purring much longer. You'll hear from them everywhere. Now don't sleep, because these 'Wolves can go all night, as their new star's about to wake them up and re-invigorate their brand of basketball. This young prince is going to put Minnesota on the map with a revolution in the game. Get ready for Minnesota's new power generation.

Big-three's are no new new thing. Trifecta's of NBA musketeers have been popular even way before the mid-nighties, Milwaukee days of Ray Allen, Sam Cassell and the 'Big Dog', but still there's just something about this triple-threat promise. Minnesota however can make up the numbers beyond their first three options and go to guys. The register of their roster is also present and accounted for in talent and potential. With Darko Miličić finally living up to some of his potential and with insurance in the post from Brad Miller, Minny's big frontline is ready for battle. While Luke Ridnour and Martell Webster are seriously underrated guards and Wesley Johnson and Anthony Tolliver are great young players. Then of course there is this years second pick in the draft, Derrick Williams. Could we be looking at a big four maybe? With Rubio coming late to Minnesota its like Christmas has come early with two, top draft picks.

It's also no wonder this team rejected the rumoured Lakers offer of Lamar Odom for Love, as Anthony Randolph is a versatile as Odom or old-favourite Garnett. This player has the potential to be a top-tier talent and even form a big four. Minnesota may even re-sign Sebastian Telfair and he may even overcome past injuries to discover his 'stand next to LeBron', 'cover boy' potential. Now with all this if you think there's no way these basement dwellers could climb ladders then maybe you should look again, or look at franchises in Oklahoma and Memphis. Minnesota isn't far away.

With three-of-a-kind and a full deck rounding out the rest of the roster it won't be long before these young Minnesota pups become grown, 'reign men'. Sure last year they had the worst record in the league, but that's no reason to write this team off, or even fire impressive, young coach Kurt Rambis (too late). Besides the only way is up and last year Minnesota boasted the most improved player in Love and some of their finest performances against the then reigning champion and the team they share the lakes with in Los Angeles. It won't be long before their holding their own against more of the leagues big boys and top dogs and it'll all be due to these young Wolves and 'Da Kid' of their new generation. The most hotly, highly anticipated NBA bound player of the last half decade. Ricky Rubio is finally here, his team is just about complete and their time is right now. They say big things happen in threes.

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