Thursday, 5 July 2012


Nasty Nash In The L.A. Area...About To Cause Mass Hysteria.


Oh Canada! This writer must start this article with an apology. As a man who loves happy endings and a Brit who once lived in Toronto I too thought that Steve Nash heading north to the Raptors would be the perfect way to end his career. Still, once it was announced that the greatest Canadian and Phoenix Sun ball player of all-time was heading to my beloved Los Angeles Lakers then it was a different story...this one.

Steve Nash-with all due respect to the great Gary Payton, Nick Van Exel and of course Derek Fisher-now gives the Los Angeles Lakers their greatest Point Guard since Magic Johnson. Even two years shy of his 40's the ever durable skater-boy keeps the Lakers rolling with a dynamic duo in their backcourt alongside Kobe Bryant. 'Kash' are about to rule everything around them. Especially if this is the Mitch Kupchak move that finally lures Dwight Howard from his Disneyworld to Hollywood. You could ring these changes.

The former back to back MVP and general of the floor is the lucky break the Lakers need. Even if he won't be able to wear his infamous number 13 jersey due to the retirement of Wilt's. Still Nash's Canadian number 7 could come into play, (hey Lamar Odom's (whose trade exemption actually helped this deal along, guess the Lakers did get something for him after all) not going to need it back, heading for the wrong side of STAPLES like Chris Paul) especially if his arrival unfortunately means the departure of the great, rising Ramon Sessions. Kobe's 24/Sessions may be over. But 24/7 could still keep running the floor day in and day out.

Sure Kobe once unleashed one of his nastiest dunks on Nash but this fellow class of '96 legend has got nothing but love for Steve from the All-Star alliances to their postseason wars. Kobe recognizes Nash's shot as one of the best in the NBA and we all know about this guys passing. Now if Kobe can work the give and go you may have one of the best backcourts basketball has ever seen. No matter how little or long it lasts.

Kobe Bryant made the call and Steve Nash answered it. The first Canadian to don purple and gold since Rick Fox could bring the purple confetti and gold championship dynasty days that Rick acted in back to the Lakers legacy script. The Lakers have fallen into mid-playoff exit purgatory these past two seasons and Steve knows this losing all too well. Steve's Phoenix teams of years gone by where a first-round playoff bogey team on Kobe's post-Shaq Laker playoff pretenders. Now together Nash bridges the gap between success and failure. Heading due south from the idea of returning to his native Canada this man looks to make a point in taking the Lakers higher. Get ready to thank him kindly.

Even with his youth, knees and back against him Steve Nash would sooner suffer a broken nose than a defeat. Just ask San Antonio or Robert Horry. This guy is a big-time playoff performer. A clutch hitter ready to touch base with one of the greatest postseason teams in NBA history. Whether he becomes the perfect mentor to tutor the developing dynamics of torch receiving Ramon Sessions or not. Whether he finds Gasol and Bynum or Howard in the paint, Nash is now a part of Kobe Bryant and Los Angeles Lakers legacy. The final chapter of his NBA career looks to be a real page turner. Get ready to witness history. Amazing is about to happen once again.

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