Tuesday, 10 July 2012


A storybook ending & beginning.


The NBA loves nostalgia and a great story. Hey, we all do. That's why it was so great for Laker fans to see Derek Fisher suit back up for the second time in Lakers purple back in 2009 to end up shooting down teams in the championship clutch to win it all like he did three rings earlier. That's why it hurt in Hollywood when he was sent by the Buss family on a coach to Oklahoma. That's why Canadian fans where yearning for Steve Nash to finish his career with the Raptors in Toronto before he signed up to script his last chapter in L.A. with the Lakers. I guess it's true what they say: what goes around comes around.

There are similar, familiar feelings right now between the New York Knicks and the Houston Rockets this offseason. If the new, New York Knicks needed any post-playoff, fire hydrant beating hope then it surely comes with their latest signing. Sure the Ama're/Carmelo future looks bright for the white, blue and orange but it's the return of their post-Ewing, pivot man that really inks their redemption.

New York, your Marcus Camby is back in the Empire State's Madison Square Garden. Let's hear it for him.

Back in the early 2000's-after the sweat boys mopped up the last of Patrick Ewing's leave it all on the floor career-the future was the Kandy man, Camby. Now after mining some success for the Nuggets in Denver with Carmelo Anthony the former 'Defensive Player Of The Year' is on guard back in the core of the Big Apple. Not only are Camby and Carmelo reunited they are also aligned with Chandler and Ama're Stoudemire to add stat's and a formidable foundation to Manhattan's frontline. With the unstoppable, un-toppable, worldwide buzz, hype and potential of Jeremy Lin adding to the J.R. Smith, Baron Davis 'Knicks tape' featuring even more artists it all sounds so good in New York City for 2012 like Springsteen, Norah Jones, Lana Del Ray and Nas releasing albums in the same year.

This is-however-if the Knicks match the Houston Rockets offer sheet for Lin. N.Y. have reportedly been quoted to be willing to match any offer for the free-agent Jeremy up to a billion dollars, but all this Linsanity hasn't resulted in any Dr. Evil pinky fingers to the mouth yet. Let's put it this way, beyond basketball all the money, exposure and buzz for new york basketball right now comes with Lin. it's in the teams best business interest. Still, beyond the superficial of this is the substance Lin would bring the Knicks, giving this contender the inside and out team that could really drive from an outside championship threat to one that could be painted in history.

Still with just one stroke of a pen that could all be changed. Carmelo, Denver and New York know this LeBron and maybe Dwight Howard feeling all too well. If Houston avenge losing Camby by gaining Lin then it'll really be a problem for New York. Houston we really have something here. the Knick loss could and would be the Rockets soaring financial and popular cultural gain. This ballclub miss the gaping literal and inspired hole that Yao Ming left and the worldwide buzz and excitement he brought this team-especially in Asia-will definitely be replaced by Lin who is arguably the biggest cultural inspiring NBA force in this leagues status around the world since Yao.

The jersey's, popularity and relationships are already set in contract, but will Lin seal the deal? Beyond the Linsane celebrity buzz and love, Lin's heart and soul devotion to the game will translate in statistical success that goes beyond television ratings, but will this box-score favorite be on the tubes in Houston and out of New York and all those corner stalls and shops that carry his name and merchandise?

Only time and called bluffs will tell in this chess moving game that is the NBA Summer. It's going to be a hot one. Either way there are a lot of fond, familiar feelings running through the cities of new York and Houston for the Knick and Rocket ballclubs respectively. Still whether the story will result in a happy ending for New York or Houston all depends on Lin's next chapter. It'll all be written with the turning of a contract. Now the question is where will the ink dry? There's nothing like a good NBA story. The game is to be told...

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