Friday, 1 August 2014


Wall To Wall.


On your left...

Captain America?! Nah he's not that fast. Soaring past Steve Rodgers, like Cap flew past the Falcon down the mall of Washington D.C. is super soldier John Wall on his morning jog. Way faster than the cheetah he's been clocked quicker than. Speeding through the city quicker than the presidents motorcade. Faster than a speeding bullet that his Wizards jersey throwbacks to in evoking nostalgia. Superman? The G.O.A.T Michael Jordan? In this town they can't touch the man that's quicker than a spell from a wizards wand. Running D.C. like Batman with a watchful eye and a pricked ear about to break the sound barrier. The great Wall who could probably run China's longest, most historical and famous landmark, there and back again in seconds flat. Something like 24, again and again over 48 minutes and 82 contests until he is the winner. All in the blink of an instant replay, league pass eye. So red hot fast the gallons of sweat that could help this city grow dry before they even manage to soak through his vest. So hot this kid from Kentucky college could fry chicken on his sneakers. The wildest cat like he had the ball on a string.

On your left...

The capital city of Washington D.C., the city beautiful is famous for many historical landmarks of the United States Of America and the world itself. From the power of the Pentagon to the Capitol building itself, where many men have been sworn in with the bible to run this town like the great Wall, who does it like no other. There's the magnificent mall, that is a stream of legendary and legacy making lake that runs up to the steps and feet of Abe himself for the iconic Lincoln memorial. A giant tribute to the larger than life president that freed this great nation. Much like M.L.K, the Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr who had a dream on these same steps and now his own set in stone, loving memorial here too. Then of course there's the man whose bringing change in all its hope today in Barack Obama...and you can find his house here too. You cant miss's white and kind of looks like that mansion from 'The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air'...and who knows Will Smith may one day have the ears to take residence in the Oval Office and play president. Still in the city of politics and the history they make, this town has to make room for some fun and entertainment. That's where the great Wall of D.C. runs through. All the way to the Arenas that today are his house and forwarding address now he's taken the fast torching, flag flying and bearing off of Gilbert.

On your left...

Agent Zero may have missed the point of these Wizards changing their Bullet wounded name by bringing guns to the locker room, still in making his own run down the career corridors to the hall, this Wizard number 2 is a star pupil like Harry Potter. Bringing big time potential and promise of star power to this team for the first time since Michael Jordan came out of retirement and took his talents away from Chicago. Now with his own Scottie sidekick by his side in the Pippen form of Bradley Beal in this blockbuster backcourt, Wall looks to bring more big Basketball weight to the D.C. area than the Hoya centre legacy of Georgetown has with the legendary likes of Patrick Ewing, Alonzo Mourning, Dikembe Mutombo and Roy Hibbert, or of course that guy Iverson a wall to wall answer to John's type. Representing this city in its hip-hop generation like Wale. The gifted with ambition in this west wing. With big guys like Gooden and Gortat and even bigger ones like the truth Paul Pierce and his former Boston and Brooklyn running mate Kris Humphries adding to a big apple biting core of former Nuggets Nene and Andre Miller. Not to mention the talents of guys like Martell Webster. This real player role call roster of everyone from Al Harrington to Glen Rice's kid is closer than you think of taking King James throne out East. Whether it be Miami or Cleveland. Kyrie may be quick. The Knicks even closer. Still even with Indiana running out of pace and Chicago living by the bloom and wilt of Rose this Wall banging and breaking Point guardian of the East coast galaxy looks to lead the way for P.G.'s not going by the initials CP3.

On your left...

This guy is right. Next in the Wes Unseld line of legacy making legends of basketball red, white and blue. North Carolina born but by way of Kentucky blue. Many U.K alumni cats are making their mark on this league. From DeMarcus Cousins to Anthony Davis and Eric Bledsoe to Julius Randle. The Harrison twins are the next SLAM cover stars, but between all these draft picks, Wall is the true number one, sharpest Wildcat. This slashers claws are out for Larry O'Brien and any LeBron legend that stands in his way...or lane. This kids only 23 but he's promising finals next year with an intention as genuine as the name of his second high school. The Word Of God from this dunk champ is ready for his ascension as his game makes the graduation from the free throw line. The man who dunks as amazingly as he runs is throwing up shots like draft caps. This is because his play is now maturing to the mid range purity that made Jordan's old Wizard time have some new tricks up the no sleeve vests, once the all-star rimmed out dunks made him what would today be a hash tagged 'Floor Jordan'. There's so much more to John's dear motor game of energy and evolution than most think. Just like there's more to this Wizards squad of misfits and outcasts than an underdog and outsider status. Still as close as they get in more ways than one John Wall is the hand that holds the basketball on this teams logo the highest. Still, John Wall knows it isn't all about him and this is why this franchise face has a terrific team. Those blinded by the explosive athleticism fail to see how visionary a passer the Kentucky assist standard holder actually is. Not the selfish 'I Am' young star of a childish new hip-hop generation that misses pure M.C's like Nas like this game does P.G.'s. Thank the basketball Gods for the likes of the great Wall that are now doing right. Look at the teammates on his good side. Now take a quick look at the opponents on the other. Soon when you look that way there will be no one left in the dust.

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