Friday, 20 February 2015


The Return Of Da Kid.


"ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE"! Kevin Garnett screams into the ceiling of the Garden as the roots of his legend, today made legacy grows taller than the weeds of previous days desperation. The same rafters that will soon hold another Celtic championship banner rising up there with his echoes. A banner to go next to Bill Russell's and Larry Bird's as well as their jerseys in Kevin's name now. Apologising to sideline reporter Michelle Tafoya for maybe breaking her microphone with his decibels, let alone her eardrums, the ever passionate and emotional K.G. breaks down and incoherently through tears and trembling says something like "mama I love you"! Before repeating how "certified" he finally was now and screaming "I'M THE KING OF THE WORLD", in a titanic moment that shows just how great this game is and what it all means to every man, especially this one! NBA moments don't get much better than this and the ball cradled under his arm was no longer in play. All the years, all the tears. It was meant to be. It was always going to happen. It was all worth it. Every jersey tug and pop. Every head bashing under the basket. Every trademark K.G. scream that still to this day shouts louder than any signature celebration. All together to return the leagues most historical franchise back to their storied chapter in NBA basketball. All for this. The reason this man got together with three-point Bird flying Ray Allen and the pride of the Celtic Paul Pierce to rebirth the age of the big three before LeBron's superfriends of Bosh and Wade and now Irving and Love. All through the dream team dominating season that made Boston basketball the beans of this town again. All the dunks, blocks, hustles, charges. All the smoke still to windows closed clear from the firework beginning games, burst to the tip of the ball. All the electricity caused by the current of one mans chest thumping pride of passion. All to be king. All for this moment. But no matter how far he eventually came after all these years, Kevin Garnett wouldn't forget where he came from to get to this point. Not ever. As he dedicated to the postgame soundbite, "this is for everybody in 'Sota'"!

Years later, he still hasn't forgot. Kevin Garnett sits in the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn, as a Net. Banking on everything his beautiful, classic career as one of the greatest this game has ever seen-in terms of both professionally and competitively speaking-has given him. After aligning with the shot of Ray Allen and the truth of Paul Pierce for a dynasty like no Laker other, Garnett found himself with Pierce again. But with Ray gone and Rajon about to be able to pass to no one, the duo of Kevin and P-Double where brought to the rap world of Jay-Z's Net gain in Brooklyn. With a Russian billionaire about to buck and book a new superteam of the likes of Joe Johnson and Brook Lopez, led by top Point Deron Williams. These two experienced, champion veterans where the final pieces of the puzzle that where more celebratory than complimentary. Still despite some flashes of running away brilliance and mixing in the Knick fight for king of New York, it just didn't seem right. Although it looked good, it was strange to see Garnett in this new Brooklyn jersey (it was hard enough getting used to the Celtic green), let alone Paul Pierce. After a great shot at success, Paul Pierce took his shot and defensive rock stealing play to a new superteam in Washington that seems like it was put together by the potion of witches, let alone the wands of these Wizards. Now with the truth playing for a genuine, new contender, K.G. was left to play with the remaining pick-up pieces for a Basketball team that Jersey boy or not, would always seem like a sister franchise to the big brother playing in the Mecca of Madison Square Garden, no matter how bad they where...or really are now! Still with some decent teammates around him and in a beautiful borough of a city that never sleeps, Garnett finally found rest and player about to hit retirement peace. Still his "no trade" contract clause in order to not displace his family was only cemented with a concrete pen if something special didn't turn up elsewhere. Something special like the golden handcuffs that where being offered up before the clutch buzzer beating of last nights trade deadline.

How about Minnesota? How about a trade for the talents Thaddeus Young? How about this for a sweet story? Da Kid is back with a Big Ticket to where the Showtime and Showbiz started in the Lakers old home of Minneapolis. Minnesota's greatest Timberwolf and best big man since the spectacle that was Minneapolis Laker and first NBA superstar George Mikan is coming back to the Twin Cities for the twin peaks of his chapter making career. Forget LeBron returning to Cleveland this Summer for the new trend in hash-tag following, news breaking sports, this homecoming king is a sweeter story that hits the heart of home with even more passion and epic emotion to the hallmark chalk toss. This is like Iverson returning to the Sixers and turning Philly's Broad street into a jam as tailed back as it is long! Now the next time this kid jumps on the scorers table in game winning celebration beating his heart like he was that smiling rookie and not the growling veteran, you'll think its the late 90's to the new millennium once again. Time to break out that old, throwback, instant vintage, Hardwood Classic out of the Mitchell & Ness back catalogue once again because this is pine tree fresh for the white, black and blue. The Wolves can howl at the moon in Minnesota again until we all yell "Timber" and fall again. This is like the return of Prince's purple reign. It's all love. The other Kevin doesn't know this towns heart like this. Don't hate. We don't need to talk about him anymore, like Durant to the media. The league was built on stories like this. F. Scott Fitzgerald couldn't write it better. The Great Garnett in the Timber age. Back in the wolf pack. This is just the ticket! Ladies and gentlemen get your stubs for this hub of hoop dreams made hardwood real. Aim for the Target Centre now, because this bullseye in the craziest trade deadline day in league coverage history was even crazier than a LeBron led free agency. Everyone from Amar'e Stoudemire to Michael Carter-Williams have found new homes this week. So don't talk to me about tanking. Now K.G. may not be young or prime time enough anymore to lead these new pack of young Wolves cubs that already had us excited at the Friday hello of last All-Star weekend, but this is still his team once again. They haven't forgot and best believe he hasn't either.

Now the evergreen passion of a player closing out his career chapter with the happiest of hallmark and nostalgic endings joins the youthful exuberance of a team more revolutionary road worthy than raw but real and in K.G's redemption he is the perfect player of experience both home heart near and championship far to take these pups to the next level before its game over. He's been through it all. The ups and downs, of the inside and out, one, two punch of Showbiz and K.G., before there was even a Shaq and Kobe in this league, back in '96. Before Stephon Marbury became a Starbury between New Jersey and New York and ended their paper perfect partnership. He's overcome the tragic, all too cruel and young death of best teammate and friend Malik Sealy to carry on proudly in his honour after laying him to rest. A player and friend more important and special than some memories remember, but with the number 2 on the collar of his jersey once again, Kevin will never forget. He could never forget. He's overcome the times the tip of the ball or the toss of the coin didn't fall his way. From the contract nixing of Joe Smith that almost does justice to the Chris Paul Lakers to Clippers pulled crap, to all those first round exits that hurt more than McGrady tears. You saw them stream down Kevin's face in interviews as he tried to grunt and blink them away. The pride and passion of an emotional heart and soul of a team that almost came so close to toppling the Lakers and everyone else in the Shaq and Kobe, dynasty era when Sam Cassell and Latrell Sprewell came along for Garnett's own big three. But as Spree was claiming he needed more money to feed his family, Kevin Garnett was taking care of both of his. Just like he is now with the unconditional, forever support of players and coaches like Sam Mitchell and the reunited Flip Saunders for this twist in the script. Back before his number 21 is finally taken to the rafters of this town that belongs to the greatest player and face this franchise has ever seen in all its big smiles and screams. With the ability to help raise more with these youngsters. Believe me from the excitement of the next LeBron, Euro-hyped Ricky Rubio to this Rookie Of The Year MVP Andrew Wiggins, the Wolves are about to be led through the Western tree, forest of cold. Just like fellow Canadian, bust labelled sophomore Anthony Bennett and the 19 year old that dunks contest championships like 'Space Jam' didn't come out when he was still in diapers, Zach LaVine, Vine creator. Now you don't have to be seven seconds away from knowing that with Da Kid, these kids are going to be more than all right and who knows what else? After all "this is for 'Sota"! "Anything is possible"!

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