Sunday, 19 April 2015


Roll Out.

Up in arms! That's what the NBA and it's collective organisations and players where only a year and change back when the NBA added jerseys with a little extra something, something on the arms. These sleeved jerseys brought all new meaning to the term 'Shooting Shirts' and after almost being thrown out of the L's bounds like that infamous ball that ripped up players hands, players wanted to tear these arms up too. Yet here they still are today and it looks like they're here to stay. Love 'em or hate 'em and with some chance you may rock them this Summer season we present the best of the best...or worst, Either way you'll have it...

Brooklyn Boys-The Brooklyn Nets are by far the league leaders when it comes to sleeves, if not anything else. Bringing all new meaning to the name New Jersey in more ways than one, the B.K. now sets the tone for duds in the association...and we aren't talking about the cesspool poor state of rotten Big Apple basketball. Former teammate Paul Pierce may accuse the likes of Deron Williams and Joe Johnson of not trying enough, but at least they look good. Those logo facing black numbers where the best Christmas present and as for those power blue numbers over grey? Forget about it. Just when you didn't think it could get any better, this season the team with the most "regular" regular jerseys in the game gave us a home alternative that could join its bestselling off-court apparel in being some of the most popular NBA fashion wear for those who don't even like the sport. A perfect stars and Nets, clean white throwback to those good ole New York Net days, these sleeves could even roll back to the days of the ABA. Number one with an Afro.

Los Angeles Kings-It's Clipper city now and the sky is the limit for those Lob boys of STAPLES. Yet those rumored new jerseys of next season are looking atrociously awful in relation to their classic signature. Still they'll always have the powered blue. As for their bad neighbors who seem too embarrassed to come out the house these days, the Los Angeles Lakers still want to prove that at the end of the day they are still all L.A. Their 'Hollywood Nights' sure are a start and this years sleeve mod to the purple and golds new favorite Sunday white alternative may not be as perfect as the original all black swap, but if you've got the arms, this kits got the goods.

Lunar Modules-From Christmas to New Year the NBA is always gifting its fans with some limited edition, special occasion jerseys. Whether Santa or your parents shopping list likes it or not. Still in a move that's almost as all encompassingly right as their 'Los' jerseys, the NBA brought in the Lunar New Year with some jerseys that celebrated exactly that. The Golden State Warriors who have already added so much more to the material game, got a nice little orange character and trim addition to their charcoal jerseys that where wrongly slated. Still it was the red Rocket numbers for Houston featuring the teams name translated in Chinese characters that really left a mark on your bank account. We feel from right here to the Far East these ones will be legendary for some time. But if you want to see a real original lost in translation you might want to throw it back to R. Kelly's 'Thoia Thoing' video, that even had an early LeBron Cleveland number 23 jersey that had them all singing.

The Best Of The Rest-Recently St. Patrick has seen green that even left those 'Big Logo' Christmas Day gifts envious. Yet when it comes to those crest chests not much beats the white Thunder or Pacer home jerseys that really draw crowds. Yet two of our favorites remain the black Timberwolves uniforms that make the whole squad look like a gridiron gang and those new Portland 'Rip City' instant vintage classics that keep Portland repping Basketball lovers in Oregon for a blazing Old Town that will never die. Now let's not forget those San Antonio camo, lets. It doesn't matter if you're the champion Pop, did you not learn from Toronto? Those tired fatigues are terrible. Roll them down boys! Roll them down! TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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