Tuesday, 28 April 2015


The Tipping Point.


Our #GeneralSeries taking Point Guards on head-to-head continues with an assembling with our #SuperheroSeason series.

Behold vision like no other! Marvel at these heroes. Point Gods...generally speaking. When the world is talking about other quarterbacks in this game, these two still touchdown. Sure the old hand used to talk about Deron Williams vs Chris Paul, but now this next gen, video game like contest is looking at the changing of the guard, MVP likes of Russell Westbook and Stephen Curry, unbelievably amazing dunkers and shooters who are so much more than just catch and assists. Yet beyond the Magic and just like a Kidd there's just something about those old fashioned guards that doesn't change over the years. Two particular points of authority in this league may be as great as they are underrated, but that doesn't stop them from being two of the best this league see's today and may have seen for quite some decades. Now that's real vision...forget about hindsight. Just look at the one from sweet Georgia. Skilled like a Globetrotter. The king of Peachtree with the peach. He wears nothing on his back like Westbrook, but carries it all too with the burdens of those who just wrote him off. His name rhymes with league, but some dismiss him like he doesn't belong in the L. Yet they really know as much as the digit below his shoulders. His name is Jeff! Teague leader. Still, when you talk about sports nothing dominates the track and field quite like the Conley family. Isn't that right Mo Cheeks? Still every great family deserves a junior and Mike Conley is the begotten son. Born in a competitive fire and growing like an eternal light. You see the rest of the league may just see two regular players. Yet look closer and you'll see these point pupils see the floor and the game like few other in the field of sight.

Welcome to Atlanta, where the players play so good, some of the ATL's hottest music stars honor them at halftime with one of Jermaine Dupri and Ludacris' classic hits. Yet behind the stars we know there's more to this fledgling franchise that brought us Dominique Wilkins and Spud Webb than just a couple of guys. That's why almost the whole Eastern Conference, All-Star starting five can be made up of feathers from Hawks taking wing. In the A, Al Horford may have stood proud and tallest for the longest and Paul Millsap adds more beef to the frontcourt muscle. Whereas Hawkeye Kyle Korver rains threes that fly like an eagle to the perch of the rim. Still in this feast for the birds you can't forget about the guy that sets the table and all that comes from nothing. Teague is the leader and the reason Korver finds as many open sweet spots as Horford and Millsap do in the paint or off the pick. Straight out of Indiana, Pine and Wake Forest this young Hawk flew through the trees like he does on court in search for his opening. Jazzy Jeff plays this game behind the notes and is a passing perfectionist. A steal in more ways than one who can grab a rebound, or two (and a half, as per his average). A true team-player who thinks about his squad solely, but one who can also sneaker score at speed too. Just look at his tied career high of 34 or the 15.9 he puts up each game. After 5 years the Hawks know they need this guy as much as their dual paint, or triple perimeter power, That's why they stuck their talons into the Bucks $34 mill offer sheet and matched-up, keeping Jeff in their nest. Now Teague is a player of his own in a league of his own and although his and his Hawks, two zip lead to the Brooklyn Nets and their legendary point man, Deron Williams has been matched and tied, there's still time and tide for this young Hawk and his Atlanta brave falcon like flyers to soar again.

If you thought the Hawks made a point at being an animal in this association then just wait until you see what kind of beast the Grizzlies have. The grit and grind of Memphis is anything but blue suede. These hound dogs are all about team, not kings. From Gasol brother Marc taking over what was once Pau's powerhouse, to Zach Randolph giving him the Millsap meat to his Horford muscle. And of course this team is swingman stacked. From the D of Tony Allen to the dunk of Vince Carter and the underrated next star of this league Jeff Green. Another third string that the Thunder should have tied up. Still, yet again like with the Hawks nothing tames this Grizz animal like the man that can bring all those inside men and outsiders onto court together for the better of hardwood play. Conley is the true grit and 9-5 grind of this underrated and still writing people off Western, powerhouse contender franchise that he embodies to those very definition. The 27 year old has never left, since his 2007 fourth choice via draft. His father was an Olympian to the gold and silver medal. His uncle a linebacker to the Pittsburgh Steelers, but Mike? Check this, Mike Conley Jr is a Memphis man forever. The bear necessity of this grizzled and strong squad. The man who has always been there or there about is a scoring, assist and rebound triple threat to the tune up of 15.8 points, 5.4 assists and 3 rebounds per contest. Rocking and rolling for years as the belle of Memphis keeping them from the bleak, Mike now faces his greatest challenge yet. Against another of the leagues, new generation greatest points, Damian Lillard in a series against the evenly matched West best mainstay; the Portland Trail Blazers. This face off has even resulted in a Westbrook like face injury for Conley, who is now facing everything down on the ropes of courtside. So will these favorite teams and their favorite franchise faces actually end up meeting in the Finals? Especially in their current tied up and down states? Either way in this head-to-head or another, Teague and Conley are more than just two guys marking each other. They are two guys leading the present towards the promise of a point making future. That's real vision. Seeing the game before it happens...an even greater look. Open your eyes!

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