Thursday, 23 July 2015




Like a championship coach, sweeping through the Windy City with an open top to show to Chicago the trophy they've won, 'Michael Jordan-Bull On Parade' is a crowning achievement for its artist, writer and creator Wilfred Santiago. This beautiful biography details all of the epic events from the worlds greatest basketball player to ever play this game, from the highs to the six championships to even the lows of this mortal basketball God's dark days. And it does it all in such an inspired and visceral different way. You see Iron Man and Captain America and Batman and Superman may be too busy fighting amongst themselves in Marvel's big battle with D.C., but there's another iconic comic-book character to deal with now. We always knew Michael Jordan was a superhero and now he has his own graphic novel. And with amazing artwork and a comic, superhero by the book sense of story, for everything that has been wrote about the G.O.A.T., this may just be the most inspired. For all you comic and court geeks too look out for some awesome Easter eggs paraded through these cells. How they introduce one Detroit Piston is a hilarious metaphor of defensive dominance. This book is a beast. Assembling both hero and hoop heads alike this one suits up in uniforms for both teams terrifically. This Bulls body of work is charged with adamantium. It's a Marvel! TIM DAVID HARVEY.


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