Tuesday, 4 August 2015


No Question.

Here is something you can't understand...The Answer! Allen 'Bubba Chuck' Iverson! Hand to the screaming ear of the 6 foot, 165 pound number 3, can you hear me? You just don't get it. The corn rows, the dress code. Every tattoo and what each drop of ink means to the flesh of the man. The blood he spilled everytime he hit the deck he would dare to drive into without fear amongst men twice as tall or wide as him. The player...the man. The champion without a ring. The passion. The pride. What the media questioned and what answer is actually the Paul Pierce truth! The bowling alley incident and how cameras caught Allen leaving the fracas before more than just pins where thrown. The infamous rant about "practice" where Iverson was actually bemoaning the fact the so-called "distinguished" press where bringing up the matter of this subject just days after he lost his best friend and not complaining about the nature of the pure preparation of the game itself. They couldn't understand any of it. Just like the idea that he could have been a star NFL player. Or the fact that this NBA first-ballot Hall Of Fame legend is one of the greatest players of all-time...an icon that truly changed the game beyond just another cliche. Even the most storied team in basketball history didn't quite get it as back in 2001 the eventual back-to-back champions of the three-peat the Los Angeles Lakers thought they too could sweep all of this under a rug. But as the almost unbeatable Shaq and Kobe team of the postseason met the answers Philly in the Finals they brought the brooms, but this time there was no Fantasia in Hollywood. They couldn't stop the NBA's leading scorer Iverson from going off or that crossover that changed the game more than anything else. Even putting a small-ball defensive guard on him in the form of the impressive scoring Tyrone Lue, complete with matching corn-rows and mirror image arm compression sleeve didn't work. Neither did it's mind games, Allen crossed them over too and nailed a clutch three that was more than a dagger, but one stamped into the heart of all the Lue Angeles Lakers as Tyrone fell to the floor and swept across it on his backside becoming not only a poster, but a t-shirt at best. Then with one huge Goliath step that may as well have been over Shaq, this David, Allen took one small step over Lue and one giant Rocky leap for Philadelphia in kind. Practically out of bounds and cloaked by the Lakers bench of talents like Horace Grant, J.R. Rider, Brian Shaw, Stanislav Medvedenko and Mark Madsen who couldn't do anything at all, A.I. stepped over not just Tyrone, but all the Lakers, the STAPLES of their fans, the city of angels, L.A., the state of California as a whole and all those in the NBA and its world of media and fans that couldn't possibly understand what was happening. He stepped over it all and didn't look back! Showing Kobe and the Lakers real Showtime to the rivalling documentary. Just like his trademark crossover it was the last step that killed and will live forever in NBA histories hardwood classics. Now step to him and tell me how can you possibly answer that? TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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