Friday, 5 May 2017


Truthfully Speaking.


Real talk. One of this generations greats and one of the NBA's most storied Boston Celtics franchises greatest and most famous legends Paul Pierce has called it a career after his last game with his hometown Los Angeles Clippers in their First Round exit in this years Playoffs. But now that 'The Truth' has been set free, before we hang his number 34 let's seperate the real from the fake and fact from fiction when it comes to one of the most genuine talents to ever play this game. 34 times to be exact.

TRUTH-Paul Pierce was born on October 13th, 1977 in Oakland, California and went to high school in Ingelwood, Los Angeles.

FALSE-He was a Laker for life.

TRUTH-A long way from the Golden State, Paul Pierce went to college in Kansas.

FALSE-The university did not retire his iconic number 34 jersey.

TRUTH-The 6 foot 7 inch, 235 pound Small Forward was selected by the Boston Celtics with the 10th pick in the 1998 draft.

FALSE-He was a bust!

TRUTH-He will always be known as one of the greatest Celtic players of all-time.

FALSE-He spent the rest of his career in Beantown.

TRUTH-In a way he may aswell have.

FALSE-He won championships with the shimmy of partner Antoine Walker.

TRUTH-The pair where one of the leading dynamic duos in the Shaq and Kobe era.

FALSE-P-Double gave Shaquille O'Neal his "Diesel" nickname.

TRUTH-Shaq gave Paul Pierce the nickname 'The Truth'.

FALSE-Paul never lived up to the monkier.

TRUTH-Paul Pierce survived being stabbed 11 times on a night out in Boston after bravely trying to break up a fight in a club. He came back to play for the C's the same season after. THE TRUTH.

FALSE-He came back the same player...he was even better.

TRUTH-In his early days he could dunk like you could never believe to remember.

FALSE-But he was James Harden on D.

TRUTH-Before Rajon Rondo with Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen he started the big-three revolution. Yas King!

FALSE-Pierce, Larry Bird and John Havlicek aren't the only Celtic legends to amass 20,000 career points with the Irish green alone.

TRUTH-An injured Paul Pierce needed to be carried off court during the 2008 Finals series with legendary Los Angeles rivals the Lakers before dramatically returning to the game and winning big.

FALSE-An injured Paul Pierce didn't need to be carried off court during the 2008 Finals series with legendary Los Angeles rivals the Lakers before dramatically returning to the game and winning big. (According to Laker fans).

TRUTH-The 10 time All-Star 10th pick became a champion in said 2008 Finals series.

FALSE-But he wasn't the Finals Most Valuable Player.

TRUTH-He hit an incredible, now iconic clutch three against the Atlantic rival Knicks at New York's Madison Square Garden.

FALSE-That was the last time he'd ever hit a shot of that magnitude.

TRUTH-Upon leaving the Boston Celtics, Pierce headed to Brooklyn for the Nets.

FALSE-Teammate Kevin Garnett did not join him.

TRUTH-After the B.K. number 34 had a significant spell with the Wizards in Washington.

FALSE-He called it a career after that.

TRUTH-He returned home to L.A. for some times with the Clippers.

FALSE-But his home is really in Boston.

THE TRUTH-Or is it?

FALSE-Nothing else. And that's 'The Truth'.

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