Friday, 31 December 2010


Chicago Bulls forward Luol Deng (L) looks to drive as Orlando Magic forward Quentin Richardson defends during the third quarter at the United Center in Chicago on December 1, 2010. The Magic won 107-78. UPI/Brian Kersey Photo via Newscom

It's almost looking like the mid 90's in Chicago. OK so things haven't developed quite to that extent yet but these Bulls are no longer babies. Chi-town is on the rise as their basketball franchise stampedes up the Eastern Conference standings, charging at contenders. If you thought that the frontcourt tandem of Brit Luol Deng and emphatic Joakim Noah was good then think again. They're great but this duo even acts as a reserve to the partnership of big free agent signing Carlos Boozer and franchise point Derrick Rose. Now Boozer is no longer hungover from injury and Rose has bloomed from a sophomore, your now looking at the stronger Malone and Stockton for the new decade (sorry Deron). The pair could pick, roll and dunk their way to the top and with Deng and Noah still a potent second option. Chicago have an ark of options two by two. With the growth of super sophomores Taj Gibson and James Johnson and talent from 1 to 15, expect this number 7 team of the year to be even higher in 2011. Sure right now in the East it's Boston and Orlando's time but the Bulls will soon join the Heat as some of the hottest contenders not just in the East but in the league period. TIM DAVID HARVEY

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