Monday, 14 March 2011


K. Love's lock down game.

By Tim David Harvey

"I always laugh when people ask me about rebounding techniques. I've got a technique. It's called just go get the damn ball." Charles Barkley.

Part 1: Acknowledgment

Love is...

One of the best players in the league right now and one of the best rebounders you've ever seen...FACT! Critics tried to call him fat, but he rounded out into a great basketball player, kind of like the mould of rebounding mound Chuck Barkley. You see Charles will tell you all day and night long on T.V., but that doesn't mean you'll tune in and listen. This won't stop Love running a power move on you however, NBA Public Enemy or number one. Sure in the ever growing and developing young talent in the game, who would blame you if you preferred Blake's monster dunks or Wall's zig, zag speed? Still technically speaking Kevin Love's Venus fly trap, off the rim grabs are just as important.

Between dunks and cross-overs you may not see one of basketball's most important possession's but Kevin's vision is 30-30 in hindsight and 20 and 10 when he's sleeping. His recent snapped, statistical, straight stilts where seasons away from wilting Chamberlain's mythological record of consecutive double-double games but only two games away from smoking the recognised record of Elvin Hayes (55 straight). 53 straight and two away from being the closest thing to Chamberlain like Kareem. Now that really is big. You hooked yet?

Part 2: Resolution

Love is...

A basketball revolution, a regular guy with a super size game. It's 2011, a new year and a new game. It's time for a different perspective. This double, double threat is a franchise promise, beyond the great fantasy numbers. The reality is that if you where to start a team today, you could do with a lot of love. Sure he has no cross-over dribble, or Kobe first-step but no one in the league creates for himself like K. Heart. From being a classic Bruin to a timeless bruiser, this guy is tougher then the rest like Springsteen with Run-DMC leather. Cleaning the glass and owning the ink with a tattooed permanence, Kevin is as tough, solid and competitive as Dennis Rodman.

Every team wants a 20 and 10 guy and Love is devoted to that when he phones in his performances. When all of his heart is beating however (which is damn near every game) he's a 20.8 and 15.8 boxer though, scoring big. Love is a statistical nightmare that opponents hate to play. Plus he's unselfish to boot. Think about it, with an average of 10 rebounds a game, you know that when it's on offence Kevin can find his own shot without offending his teammates (especially averaging 2.5 assists a game). Kev doesn't need plays ran for him he makes them himself. Now that's what gives you a 30 point, 30 rebound night. That is what makes you a star.

Part 3: Pursuance

Love is...

More then just after his own legend, he's here to build a better legacy. If you think his struggling Minnesota Timberwolves haven't had passion since Kevin Garnett was tossing chalk at monitors you'd be wrong. Real wrong. These 'Wolves are still howling even when they lose some serious howlers. This Minneapolis team are no laughing matter. These young Prince's along with teams like Charlotte and Memphis are part of the NBA's new power generation. A group of teams who may be overshadowed by the more storied and superteam franchises, but still are next in line.

The future if this team didn't leave with Al Jefferson, it beats on in the heart of Love. It's there in misunderstood, but mismatch nightmare Michael Beasley. It's in the boom of former bust Darko Milicic. It's in the multiple talents of Sebastian Telfair, Luke Ridnour and Anthony Randolph and Tolliver. It's in the British capital city, exclamation point, exhibition, preseason drubbing of the Los Angeles Lakers in London that really was significant. That overseas change of tide wasn't the only time the Timberwolves showed the Lakers that they had no place in Minneapolis, as Love and his Wolves tested the Lakers like they were the Oklahoma City Thunder. It's rich vein of forms like this is why this former poor mans outside contenders are playing with that cold as ice, snarling killer instinct. This animal has been wounded but now it's at it's most fierce. No longer lost in the woods, this team is in a twilight. It won't be long before their future is as bright as a full moon and you know that then their leader Kevin Love will no longer be standing in the shadows.

Part 4: Psalm

Love is...

So good that when it's all said and done they won't talk about his career, they'll sing and all the praise will be due to 'hymn'. With Love people will celebrate one of the hardest workers ever. A player who rediscovered the lost art of the rebound, with strength, focus and determination. The holy trinity of frontcourt basketball. This poster master is so good that every die-hard fan will adore 'till career death does part. From Spike Lee to Jay Hova the world is ready for the next page of Kevin's career, chapter and verse.

His talent and work ethic is rare and sacred, let's just hope his team and association cherish it like they should. This man could plant himself next to the all-time big greats and rebounders if he continues like this. Watch out Wilt, Bill and 'Cap. He's a part of records like Moses Malone, delivering the goods in the post like Karl. K could dethrone Sir Charles and get revenge for being snubbed for an autograph when he was 8 years old. He could take all the colours out of Rodman's pallet of achievements off the glass. He could be one of the best ever in regards to that positioning. Kevin is really that good. Lust after non-fundamental plays all you like, but Love is stronger. Love is real. Love is everything.

"Kevin Love is leading the league in rebounding and you can talk all you want about being on a good team or a bad way you can get 15 rebounds a game even on a bad team and that not be impressive" Charles Barkley on Kevin Love.

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