Sunday, 20 March 2011


Mar. 17, 2010: Chicago Bulls guard Jannero Pargo drives around the Dallas defense during an NBA game between the Chicago Bulls and the Dallas Mavericks at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX Dallas defeated Chicago 113-106.

24. If you didn't think the 'untouchable' Chicago Bulls could get any better, then you'd be wrong. Two more horns have been added to this animal in the form of two strong bench players. Two free-agent guards, one being John Lucas III who previously played two games this season in Chi-Town and the other being the talented veteran Jannero Pargo who is now in his fourth stint with the team. Like a couple constantly breaking up, maybe it's time now that Pargo and the Bulls stayed together, for the 'chips.

48. At least this time the Lakers lose Bynum it won't be to a knee injury. Andre will be suspended for two games following his flagrant, sack tackle, foul on Minnesota's Michael Beasley in their clash with his Lakers last week. The Lakers will face off against the two P's of the Western Conference, Portland and Phoenix without 'Drew. Bynum over the last 12 games has averaged 11.8 points, 13.0 rebounds and 2.6 blocked shots and this big Lakers player will be missed by the Lakers. Andrew on the other hand will miss around $250,000 from how wallet, with his no play, no pay suspension. "He made no play on the ball," Minneosta coach and former Laker Kurt Rambis said (a man no stranger to rough play). "It's unfortunate that things like that happen in basketball, but it was the right call. Michael is relatively lucky he didn't get more hurt than he did."

82. The Nets will also be without their biggest, newest contributer Deron Williams for three games. The new, New Jersey Net is delivering great promise to his team but has injured his wrist and now will miss some crucial games for his side. "It's something that we know: rest - not surgery - is required," Nets coach Avery Johnson said. Perhaps 'The Genral' could suit up and replace D-Will because you know he could still play and he spends most of his time as a coach stepping on to the court anyway. The Nets will play Washington, Indiana and Cleveland without Deron, not the toughest of clashes but then again New Jersey aren't the toughest of sides, especially without their new strong-hold. How long will this leave Jersey weak however? Well just ask Williams. "I hate sitting out." There's your answer.

O.T. There are more injuries and suspensions being reported that you would think this was 'Through The Transactions'...after throwing a ball at a ref, Phoenix Suns guard Aaron Brooks will be thrown out of one game...while Sacrmaneto rookie, DeMarcus Cousins is getting rough again, being ejected from a clash against Minnesota after shoving the T-Wolves' Martell Webster...speaking of 'Wolves, Kevin Love was left howling in the same game after excusing himself from it with a groin injury...the Heat's hot spot, reserve point guard, Mario Chalmers will miss around a fortnight, going cold with a sprained knee...while the Miami Heat will also pay service to former player Tim James by honoring his military service for the U.S Army. Let's hear it for Corporal James, what a hero. HOORAH!! TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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