Wednesday, 23 March 2011


24. A Redd dawn is about to hit Milwaukee. The Bucks 3-point setter, Michael Redd is planning to return to action before the week is out on Friday. The star guard has missed a whopping 14 months with injury, but it was Back to regular work Tuesday as Redd partook in practice. "It was fun,'' Mike said talking about practice like Allen Iverson. "I've got to get into the rhythm of playing basketball. This is my training camp right here," added the star talking about his first five-on-five scrimmage since he went down over a year ago. Despite this Redd will not play in the Bucks battle against the Kings tomorrow, instead he'll suit up for his teams clash against the New York titans. With Milwaukee two games behind the Indiana Pacers for the last spot in the Eastern Conference they'll be glad to have their 3 point spotter back.

48. As one injury door opens however another closes. The NBA best San Antonio Spurs had some worse news recently as Tim Duncan was taken out with an ankle sprain. It's bad to see the T-Bot on crutches and it's clear he needs some TLC like T-Boz. The stars status won't be known 'till later this week, but things hope to be back to normal soon. Besides Timmy had a positive result on his MRI as there was no signs of structural damage. R.C. Buford told press, "we will have a better idea of what the timeline is in the next 48 hours.'' Duncan sprained his ankle against Golden State but this warrior hopes to lead his men to the top of the West. As soon as he's back from ankle injury, battle will commence.

82. Speaking of injury doors, this one is firmly shut. That's it for Rudy Gay this year. Following our news on the Memphis stars injury last week it is now evident today that Rudy will miss the rest of the season. Memphis will miss their grizzled star who requires shoulder surgery. The talented team will be burdened in his absence but they still have the talent (Randolph, Mayo, Gasol etc.) to carry the weight. Gay partially dislocated his shoulder against Philadelphia mid-February and has now missed 14 games so far. The Grizzlies are still in the playoff picture but without one of their best scorers it doesn't look good.

O.T. These new New York Knicks are going through some growing pains but they think they'll mature by the playoffs...Kevin Love's injured groin has kept him out of Minnesota's practices... Sacramento mayor and former NBA player Kevin Johnson reckons the Kings are done in his town, adding the franchises possible move to Anaheim "feels like a slow death". Man alive, say what you feel now and with that why don't you and hit up or comments section below. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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