Thursday, 21 June 2012


(Originally Published In 2011)

Looking after number one...or in this case number 3.

By Tim David Harvey

LeBron James made league, sports business and hater history by taking his talents to South Beach last Summer, while feeling the love in Florida but catching hell in Cleveland all at the same time. Using the same pen as Chris Bosh, James inked Miami's championship promise and the Heat's future threat. Still there was another big contact signed that very week. Sure it didn't come with a new jersey like the Carmelo Anthony rumors, (he had to wait a little longer to escape to New York) but it came with loyalty and respect. It was all about the big picture of family and the catalyst of adding even more relatives to this portrait. When the name Dwyane Wade was signed on the dotted line, this super-future was certified.

Sure 'The Heatles' would be nothing without their Paul McCartney, but they really wouldn't be s*** without their John Lennon, their founder, Dwyane Wade (and just for the record Chris Bosh is no Ringo Starr). It all begun and could have ended with him. Imagine! Dwyane Wade's wheelchair to stair lift rise back from league purgatory to playoff victory really made Miami more than just a desirable location for holiday makers during Spring break. D was and still is the centrepiece to the birth and rise of this big three. With Wade and the Heat's resurgence the Heat re-tooled to re-try to relive 2006 Championship renaissance. Two players and two regular season months later it all came together as critics arguments fell apart. Now things look even brighter in South Beach as last season saw them being the closest thing to victory outside of Dallas. Now who knows what's next? 'Here Comes The Sun'.

LeBron's decision points where (for some) as unwelcome as George Bush's autobiography. Still as the hate boiled, LeBron's love for the game didn't simmer...neither did his talents. As he led this Miami side, he racked up the triple doubles, 'Player Of The Week' honors and 'Where Amazing Happens' moments. Still as James now relishes this villain role, let's not forget about Miami's original hero in a flash. Their real undisputed leader, a real Larry O'Brien heavyweight already holding a championship belt, already taking shots at Dallas like J.R. A real red-hot superhero to marvel at. "FLASH! AH, AH!"

Until LeBron takes the Heat to places Wade can't it's Dwyane's team. With that being said however, it isn't about rivalry down in the superstar welcome Miami. The hate is left outside like the competition. LeBron and Dwyane (and Chris) will work together for their classics and their dominance like Lennon and McCartney wrote for theirs. It's time for this fantastic Heat three to get their flame on. Voltron doesn't form without all it's components. Kobe isn't scared of anyone, but he certainly isn't afraid of one man. Still years back, the one man who was able to run rings (literally and championship figuratively) around Kobe, season after season, Christmas Day after Christmas Day was Wade. It will be Dwyane's presence two that helps give Miami the gift it really wants. To beat the Lakers and everyone else this year, when last Christmas is permanently in the rear view and next December 25Th is still around six months away.

Sure everyone from blogging critics (except this one) to NBA legends have written James off. From soundbites to rap lyrics, people have bitten and put a wrap on the love for LeBron. Rocks have been thrown at the throne and billboards have come hurtling down like derelict buildings. Still, LeBron isn't the only guy to have been unfairly written off. Chris Bosh knows all too much about this injustice, but that's for another article (look it up. It's here). Dwyane Wade has also felt the lead of the ever changing perspective of a critics pencil. As a matter of fact, so have every player suiting up in the red, white and black. Still, just like his two 'superfriends' Wade's criticism comes with little ground. Look at everything this guy has made up and overcome over the years. From the cellar to a championship, and all the way back down the hill and potentially all the way up again.

'Bron, 'Bron may have the celebrity endorsements, but Jay-Z or no Jay-Hova, Wade has started this new dynasty. LeBron may be the star of stars, but Wade is the recruiter of stars and the saviour of franchises. James may be league MVP, but Dwyane was the best All-Star this year. Just ask a record number of fans in Dallas. LeBron may have the dunks and triple doubles, but so does Wade running the court like 'Ironside', no matter the affliction. From basket, to basket. Offense to defence. Spring sneaker blocks to air-born-again dunks. Circus shots to clutch shots. Wade has a world of talent. He has it all. Strength and speed, vision and savvy, will and unselfishness. A man with star power but a team player also. A true two-guard. Not a shooting guard in a point guards body but a real swingman like the expensive jerseys, classic like 'Mitchell & Ness'. Authentic and real, beyond a champion. See the point?

Sure LeBron may tweet about how "Karma's a b****", but it's the Kings dawg that really is getting what comes a good way two. LeBron can us Twitter to chirp back all he likes, (he's earned it) but it's Dwyane's character, across his NBA history timeline that really has earned him the full capacity of his just deserves. Wade has been through it all. From being a lottery pick on a post-'Mourning' franchise, who really thought they had punched their last ticket, to championship banners. From the downsizing of the big fella, to Pat Riley's slick exit upstairs. From Antoine Walker shaking the law instead of his shimmy, to 'The Glove' finally coming off. Wade's won and lost, saved a lot and paid the cost. Now he's boss. Time to fire back at the hate and trump the young apprentices.

Still, now with new friends, possibilities and hopes, this young fellas time really is now. He was before his time in '06 but now the clock still ticks in his favour. From the power of Bosh to the king's royal decree, Dwyane's next appointment could well be with Larry O'Brien. Sure no trophies for next season (if there even is one) have been engraved yet, but sometimes even the distant future already appears written. From 1 right through to 15, Miami can get it done. Still it's Miami's number trois that is the number one, first and foremost leader of their big three. As this Heat team show no signs of cooling down, the pressure will be on Wade to lead by his previous legacy and example. With everything this guy has done and will do however, the forecast is set for even hotter times in this boiler room of young talent in South Beach. Miami's two biggest purchases of the Summer may be what drives this Heat family to the championship, but still it's Daddy's favourite, Miami son that will have his hands on the steering wheel. Besides, it's Dwyane's world after all.

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