Monday, 18 June 2012


Now how about this for some face time?

Forget father time. The young All-Star's tried to knock veteran legend Kobe Bryant down, concuss him and break his nose yet he still came back with avengance. Strapping on the Rip Hamilton face mask and showing the cities of America that his great game was far from R.I.P. Looking deadly in the M.F. Doom, phantom mask. The Mamba has recently become even more of a menace to the rest of the NBA.

Just call him 'The Phantom Menace'.

In these star wars in this basketball league Obi Wan Kobe is cutting through opponents like he had two Lightsabres. The superhero of the NBA really has looked the part. Just wait until someone comes out with an action figure, or comic-book for Bean's escapades. Robert Rodriguez may have to film another commercial. Are Kanye and Bruce busy?

Probably because right now everyone is watching the Doberman snarl and battle through the pain and "sauna" like heat of the face-mask that Bulls guard Hamilton may wear for caution and luck, but Kobe can't wait to get rid of.

Still it's making his drive and overall game that much more insane. Crazy with a 'V' for vendetta, he's leaving his mark like Zorro, like LeBron seasons before him. They've super-imposed Kobe's face over Gerard Butler, as the man leads his troubled Laker team with the strength of 300 hundred men, silencing the opposition like lambs with a Hannibal Lecter killer instinct. Even switching to the black mask, to show he really is the lone-ranger out in the Wild West.

Even after Miami Heat great Dwyane Wade tried to cool Kobe down with a hard, blood-letting foul at All-Star, the All-Legend Bryant then surpassed the greatest ever Michael Jordan in All-Star points, as his 20 after regulation gave him a mid-February total of 264. The man may have been written off this year but he really belongs in the company of the best.

Following this the Masked Mamba posted his third straight 30 point game as he and his Lake Show exacted revenge over a fouled out Wade and his Miami team with a 93-83 win in L.A. Which was a true Hollywood story for this superhero avenger. Now that really is something to marvel at. Sure 'The Dark Knight' of the Los Angeles Lakers may have fallen in D.C. and Detroit but this hot Heat beating was a major chess move as Kobe and his board took down LeBron's men. King exposed...checkmate.

No rivals least for now. Kobe stung the Hornets last night with 33 points, said thank you very much to Memphis with 34 and had another winning game with 26 against storied rivals Boston. The man's making more history, even the Lakes old home in Minneapolis saw a 30 plus pouring. What a great tale this is to tell.

This has become one interesting side-story. It's more than just a trend on Twitter. Even Chris Paul is following suit in Clipperland (OK he is injured too). Sure just like we have no idea what's going on with trades in Lakerland, we have little clue to when Kobe will reveal himself from behind the mask, but what we do know is that behind a disguise or not the real, heroic Kobe will always come to light and it's looking to be even more unpredictably legendary by the game.

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