Thursday, 28 June 2012


Got Toronto?


Oh Canada you're going to love this! The Rock is cooking. The incredibly underrated and beautiful city of Toronto is about to hold a qualifier for one of the most up and coming and stunning basketball tournaments. The Red Bull 'King of the Rock' tournament gives the opportunity for amateur basketball talents to spread their wings and soar above the prison walls of one of California and the worlds most iconic landmarks.

Get down to Sherbourne Common on Saturday, July 7th at 2 p.m to see the Canadian qualifier for a tournament that has 27 countries taking part in their own try-outs. Whoever makes it out of the T-Dot will be awarded a trip to Alcatraz, where the 'King of the Rock' tournament will be held in 'the yard'. 50 years after the inmates left this haunting prison island in the beautiful city of San Francisco the first sports tournament was held here in 2010 and it was basketball that locked it down.

Just ask Clint Eastwood or anybody Alcatraz used to be the place everyone wanted to escape from. Now it's more than tourists or Sean Connery that want to get to 'The Rock'. A whole host of talented ball players with their own rock want to cement their status too. They will all be broken down to one on September 22nd 2012 when the King of the Rock will be crowned. Streetball has never been this tough or tense.

So you think you've got what it takes? Can you see the CN Tower out your window or make the trip? This is your chance. There are 64 spots up for grabs and the Toronto's going to have try-outs. Play hard or go home because this single bracket elimination tournament takes no prisoners...pun intended. You've got 5 minutes...literally as that's how long the one-on-one games take before the winner hops onto the next course and the loser hops the bus. You ready to give your all to the half-court? Men and women aged 16 and over come on down and sign yourself up in the T-Dot because this registration is a first come first served basis. Arrive early to avoid disappointment and show up to hand out your own disappointments to people.

This is one Basketball tournament you don't want to miss. Time to run like DMC. Rajon Rondo is behind it...are you. The Finals and the draft are over now. By way of Toronto all eyes are on the Rock. Even Anthony Davis' and LeBron James'. Are you number one? Can you be king?

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