Monday, 25 June 2012


By Royal Appointment.


Do you hear that? Shh, shush! Listen...

...nothing right?


They've got nothing left to say. The critics and the haters who threw rocks at the throne and billboards in Cleveland. Nothing, nada. Zero, zilch. The King is back and where he belongs, finally atop his throne and with the crown that the young prince was always destined for but at first hesitant to take.

All hail King James.

LeBron James is finally an NBA champion. After making the biggest decision of his life last year his South Beach talents have taken him to the promised land. The Cleveland Cavaliers may be lying in hate but LeBron's moment is no longer lying in wake. Those who said he had no clutch now see him hugging and holding on to Larry O'Brien like a lost love. 'Bron, 'Bron needn't fear. The trophy belongs to him now. It's all written and engraved in the history books. He'll never lose that accreditation. He's certified.

Legends of this game like Allen Iverson, Patrick Ewing and many more remained ringless. LeBron after what seems like a career in this league has finally reversed the notion that he would end up the same and at the young age of 26 he's still got plenty of primetime left to decorate the rest of those fingers. He's in his element. Legends of this game like Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley may have criticised but it's not there game anymore. It's James' game now. Sure he made a business move, but after shaking off the critics and last years tough, embarrassing loss to the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Finals 'Bron showed he had the heart and soul to get what he truly needed and wanted.

You can't doubt LeBron James loves this game.

Now you can't ignore his legend too, as his legacy has added the defining chapter of his story so many critics writing him off where ready to close. Sure he didn't do it on his own. That's what happens when Basketball Avengers assemble like Voltron. The superfriends really got it together as the power of Chris Bosh and the true original heat champion Dwyane Wade helped the league and finals MVP add the trophy that really separates the basketball men from the boys. 'The Heatles' will reunite next year to try and do it all again and with a great supporting cast and road crew these guys are going to sound good for some time come. Still from Mike Miller's three's to Shane Battier's D these guys all listen to and follow their leader.

And LeBron sure did lead. Shaking off every negative thing that was said in his face or behind his back to stand firm and stronghold his success. From criticising his game to getting too personal about his appearance and personal family life people went too far...but LeBron took it further, took it higher, won the 'chip, brushed the dirt off his shoulder and took the haters down. Now the only one who can make fun of him is Chris Bosh during press time. You have to love that. Check the box-score the stats where huge. Check the play of the week the dunks where dominating. Still all of that pales in comparison to the way LeBron left it all out on the floor and cemented himself as a hardwood classic like Mitchell and Ness.

One day his time here will be a throwback and one of the new millenniums defining performances in the NBA. He beat Kobe...the 'Bron puppet can have a parade now. He beat Kevin Durant and his Oklahoma team that looked like a sure thing. After all the doubts about his fourth quarter desire, LeBron showed love back and played like a real player and professional. He made one of the youngest and most exciting teams look like amateurs. A team that beat last years Maverick champions...and as for Dallas, forget about it. After a lockout almost spoiled the league LeBron locked it down.

The man who brought so much worldwide attention to this Association and it's biggest hype since the Magic/Bird era showed he was worth the attention. Now watch the throne. This man has found the holy grail and holy trinity of NBA success. Now the MVP, Finals MVP and champion is looking to London and the Olympics. A gold medal comes next. Best believe this true athlete deserves another podium. The most exciting, and greatest player since Jordan and Kobe is more than a Heat legend that can now stand next to Alonzo Mouring, Shaquille O'Neal and of course Dwyane Wade. He's one of the greatest players this league has ever seen. If this was ever a question or a doubt then the ring has made the change. LeBron James is now an NBA champion and the crowning achievement of basketball.

The king has taken his throne.

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